The 8 Best Wake Up Clock For Toddlers (Cheap To High-End)

The 8 Best Wake Up Clock For Toddlers
The 8 Best Wake Up Clock For Toddlers

Toddlers can wake up at different hours of the night and become puzzled and confused about what time it is, so they need to help tell them to go back to sleep or wake up to that brand new morning.

The best wake up clock for toddlers helps them and teaches them training to get in and out of bed on time, and also it has a different color for teaching different things for kids.

Sleep trainer clock not only good training for toddlers but also great fun for kids because they can love their advanced feathers. Their advanced feathers convince your kids that it’s time to bright wakes up and it’s time to go to bed.

This wake-up clock can set for specific alarm depending on your daily schedule. If you want kids friendly cool clock that easily understandable with their distinctive colors that signify your toddlers when it’s for reading and its time to go bed or to get ok wake, then following are the best wake-up clock for toddlers are given below.

Quick Answer: Best Wake Up Clock For Toddlers

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1. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine with Night Light

Hatch baby rest design with their advance feather is among the best wake up clock for toddlers sleeping training; in their advance feathers, it includes signal lights sound system and time to rise alert and easy to control from your phone devices.

You can also customize their feather easily, like their color, brightness, and volume level.

You can adjust it from a remote or from a mobile, or you can also tap it manually if you need it. You can set it for a specific schedule for your kid’s daily routine, and also, you can use it for its time to bed or time to get up.

It has both night lights and sound machines, you can provide their soft light for midnight nursing and diaper changing and then alert alarm for your kids that’s its time to get wake up its morning.


  • Sound With Volume Level
  • Cool Night Light
  • Remote Control
  • Turn-ON/OFF Automatically


  • Recommended age 1 to 15 years

2. Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Their different color teaches various things for Kids. The yellow color teaches him like time, to go to bed and also their green signals for knowing its time to wake up and when there is yellow, blue, purple, will dance whole night to learn quickly to go back to sleep or play quietly in their room and lastly, waiting for green that its time to wake up.

Mirari ok to Wake Alarm also has funny animation for more excitement, and your kids will love it, and they will quickly follow their feathers for learning different time and their daily schedule.


  • Visual Indicator
  • Working Sleep Trainer
  • Nap Timer and USB Cable


  • Three light included

3. My Tot Clock Toddler Clock

This next addition to our list is My Tot clock, which included the best feather, a toddler sleep clock, a parenting tool, different colors for different things learning, lullabies, fun wake music, white noise. The hidden parental controls interested for parents to choose it.

You can use their different color for managing toddler time like you can use blue for sleep time, yellow for wake up, cyan for nothing do doing anything at a specific time, and green for playing or for a fun time.

You can also use their entertainment feather for playing lullabies, stories, time of sleep, or wake-up music on the time of the ok wake.


  • 5 Colors Included For Remainders
  • Lullaby and Bed stories
  • Hidden Parents Control
  • Digital Clock Display


  • Recommended age one year to 14

4. Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids

Echo Glow – Multicolor design like a lamp with different colors for kids learning and aux outlet for learning music, you can also set it for specific routines like dinner time, reading time, and also you can set it for time to go bed or time to go ok wake.

You can use their magic tool timer and visual to ask kids for remainder like playing time or for going to bed or its time took to wake up its morning.

The toddler can use it for playing with their great feather; they can choose and activate their favorite colors and lighting for more fun while listening to music.


  • Design Like a Lamp
  • Pair with any Alexa
  • WiFi Connected


  • Recommended age three and up

5. Time Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids

This Time Stoplight Sleep not only an alarm clock but also a toddler toy which is why considered as the best wake up clock for toddlers; they can love it, and also they will learn their time for it to go for bed or time to wake up.

This one is working as a road traffic signal with three colors red for time to go to bed and yellow for time to wake up, and green for time to play games. Digital clock and optional beeping alarm systems are added for parents to set it for child-specific time.

Stoplight Sleep design is superb, big birds driving a car with attach traffic light pole with yellow-green and red color lights.


  • 100 Percent cotton material
  • Adorable design
  • Doesn’t bunch in kid’s legs


  • They might get shrunk after some time

6. Tommee Tippee Groclock For Toddlers

How you can convince your kids when it’s time to go bed or time to go wake up or still night, and they can wait for its time to morning.

This best wake up clock for toddlers Tommee Tippee Groclock design with adjustable display for teaching time for toddlers. The screen display depicts sun image for showing its morning time to go out from room and night stare for showing its time to go for sleep.

The parent can change their display brightness, and also, they will use their silent feather or audible alarm feather for the kid.


  • Audible Alarm
  • Adjust Screen Brightness
  • Nap Timer with Signal Lights


  • Recommended age two and up

7. Little Hippo Mella Toddler’s Trainer

Little Hippo Mella has an excellent design with great colorful feathers for teaching different things like time to wake up and time to bed its night time. Mella will glow yellow lights for showing it’s time to go to bed, and the green light will signal for its time took to wake up its sunny time.

This best wake up clock for toddlers has included three lullabies sound options and five dancing light colors for your toddlers to sleep. It also has three sound alarms and an optional silent mode for playing time.


  • Outstanding Design
  • Using Colors For Teaching
  • Three Alarm Sound
  • Kids Will Love Easily


  • Not For Under two year kids

8. Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock For Toddlers

This is the best wake up clock for toddlers with cartoon design help the toddlers with their cute lights like red for time to go to bed and yellow for almost time to get up, and green for time to get a wake-up call as its morning. It has also included sweet songs for kids to wake up peacefully and lullaby to go to bed.

Encourage better sleep for kids with this outstanding alarm clock. Their excellent design is working for kids as a sleep trainer.

You can easily set it and customize it for your daily routine, and toddlers will quickly following their cues, lights, and music signals for learning different times like time to go to sleep or time to get up and more others.


  • Three Brightness Level
  • White Noise
  • Lullaby
  • Sweet Songs For Wake up


  • Toddlers will love this at bedtime

Buying Guide on Best Wake Up Clock for Toddlers

After going through all of our  best options, we would like you to know some essential points and factors of these wake-up clocks so that you can always make the right choice.

We also feel it necessary to include these essential factors as we don’t want you to restrict and stick yourself with only our list.

These will help you evaluate and analyze any clock to not have to go through post-purchase dissonance. So, take these factors seriously into your consideration before buying these clocks and have a memorable experience.


The addition of night light for a toddler is more interesting; they will quickly understand the time and follow their cues because kids love lighting feathers, and moreover, it is helpful for kids’ sleep.

Adjustment of Sounds

Consider the clock in which you can adjust their volume and also can change their sound, but you cannot change the pitch of the sound. This will also protect your child’s ear, and more likely, everyone in the house would not get disturbed.


You can set it for a specific time manually or via remote, and you can connect your phone with it for better sleep training for your toddlers. It has also included a nap time that you can use for your child. So, it would also be helpful for your kid to have that.


You want to change their setting through mobile phones when you are in range, so it’s all Bluetooth. If you need to change their setting, you need to be in the house and change their feathers from the phone. Always convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color alarm is best for sleep?

In most cases, computer screens or other electronic gadgets like wristwatches throw sleep into disorder due to unfair light effects.

So, try to avail the one that has a pleasant light, i.e., orange or red light. This type of light results in more soothing sleep compare to the ones that result in dense light.

How to stop a toddler from waking up at 5 am?

As there is a saying, “early to bed, early to rise,” means if one goes to bed early, then h/she would be able to wake early in the morning.

If your kid is waking early than you expect, then this could be a bit teasing, so try to make him wake late in the morning by practicing some tricks.

Switch bedtimes

If you are sure that you tot is getting more than enough if they sleep early, try to switch the bedtimes. Allow them to go to bed late so that they may not wake up too early.

Create a friendly environment for sleep

If the atmosphere is charming, then your toddler would enjoy the night’s sleep thoroughly without any interruption to their parents. The environment should be adoptive according to the weather. It should neither be too warm nor too cold for your baby.

Other things to consider are:

  • Adjust nap times
  • Put the habit of on-time sleeping in your children
  • Notice the sleeping timing of your toddler and manage them accordingly.

Both of them are used as alerts as per your specified timing. However, the two alternatives mean that one may prefer any of them.

Setting a clock to sound is like a bombshell that may let you experience sleep inertness and feel fuddled while waking up using light will cause us wide awake and more attentive.

Setting up to the light in the morning is a standard way of wakening and will lead to your better impression the whole day. Related: Best Toddler Cup for Bedtime Milk

Do overtired toddlers wake up early?

The overtired child is the one who wakes up early and finds it very hard to fall asleep back. They often wake up at midnight, and after a cycle of struggle, they cannot just go to sleep straight away.

If your child is overtired, you have to take your time to resolve the issue by identifying some magic tricks for your kid, like changing the nap times etc.

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