7 Best Toddler Helmet Reviews

Toddler helmet

Either you are an avid biker who is raring to take your little one out in your bike seat or trailer, or you are thrilled for your infant to burn some energy on their new balance bike, there is one absolute vital item you will need to have to get that process started: a toddler helmet.

We all know that toddler and children can be quite specific, particularly about helmets. But at the same point getting in the practice of always putting a helmet on your little one or toddler could literally protect your child’s life. As an outcome, we made sure the helmets on our list are not only safe or harmless and offered a great fit; they were also easy-wear and comfortable.

“It’s a whole lot easier to get your kid to wear a helmet if and only they like it,” quoted Swart. John Watson, the owner of the influential cycling blog.

To help narrow down your hunt for the best bike helmet for your precious little child or an older one, we reached eight bike shop owners, kids’ bike bloggers, doctors and other experts to give you the best option. Here are our picks.

Best Toddler Helmet Reviews

1. Giro Scamp Helmet

Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet - Extra Small (45-49 cm), Blue Splash (2021)

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Our first pick is Giro Scamp helmet which offers the up-to-date safety technology and fun strategies in a helmet that perfectly fits children from twelve months up to five years. We completely understand that finding something that fits smaller heads can be challenging for parents. This helmet also comes with an anti-pinch buckle to keep little faces of your toddlers safe from any mishaps, and we also appreciate the built-in visor that guards your little one’s eyes against the sun.

The design of this helmet is inspired by the adult’s helmet’s design of Montaro MIPS. Since the helmet comes to a wide range of colours, your child can easily select the one he likes to be excited about their biking experience.

  • Optional MIPS Technology
  • Adjustable size
  • Pinch-guard buckle
  • Room for a ponytail
  • Fewer vents
  • A slippery strap that can get loose

2. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet, Gloss Black

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If you are looking something cool and stylish so this might get a place in your priority list. This is indeed a relaxed shape that will make your child feel like an X-Games pro, the Razor V-17 is stylish and very comfortable, and it offers more shield than any other typical bike helmet.

It contains 17 whooping vents will keep your child’s calm head during all the long bike rides, skateboarding training, or even roller skating in the park. On the street or in the halfpipe this Razor V-17 delivers you with utmost security and protection. The superb ergonomic designed padding and an extra sizing pad set for the ideal individual fit to ensure ultimate comfort and safety.

  • Multi-sport functionality
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent impact absorption
  • problem to adjust with pads and chin strap

3. Retrospec CM-1 Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adult CPSC Certified Commuter, Bike, Skate,Matte Black

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If you are facing difficulty finding an appropriate size helmet for your kid, you should consider this option. We suggest this because it comes in three different sizes to fit your toddler easily. This helmet’s hard-shell design makes it a better fit for skateboarding, rollerblading, and riding bikes.

It comes with a classic skate design helmet with eight vents to keep you relaxed, calm, and comfortable. The availability of 2 sets of interchangeable pads definitely added for a custom fit. You can select from options of matte Colors to perfectly coordinate with your bike and enhance your personality. You have to keep in mind this helmet is suggested for riders who are age 14+.

  • EPS foam lining
  • Interchangeable pads
  • Good options for matte colours
  • Only suitable for 14+

4. Bell Sidetrack Helmet

Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet - Fragments Matte Black/Silver - UY (50–57 cm)

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The next in our list is Bell Sidetrack, a trendy, mountain-bike style built, and the best thing is that the safety experts give it top ratings for crash protection. The helmet is purposely ergonomically designed to keep it tough yet lightweight and prevent any head damage. Although it does takes some finessing to get it to fit appropriately, its quick-adjust fasteners assist form it to your child’s head. Hence, it is moderately priced, and its extra comfort features put it near the top of our list for our best kids’ bike helmets.

  • Visor
  • Extended rear coverage
  • Easy-to-adjust tri-glide strap sliders
  • Hard-to-reach dial

5. Krash Black Gator

Krash Black Gator Youth Mohawk Helmet, ages 8-14

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Sculpted from very high-quality TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), These Krash 3D mohawks are elastic, exceptionally durable and soft to the touch. You would be very glad to know that the thermoplastic rubber mohawks are purely non-toxic and do not add significant heaviness to the helmet, but they do add considerable redness. It is also designed with on-trend patterns and again hip graphics for the cool kid on the block.

Just be vigilant when storing it, as some paternities say the silicone spikes can without difficulty get bent out of shape.

  • Appealing style
  • CSPC and ASTM certified
  • Silicon spikes can get de-shape

6. OUWOER Kids Helmet

OUWOER Kids Bike Helmet, CPSC Certified, Adjustable and Multi-Sport, from Toddler to Youth (Black)

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Ouwoer helmet is thru of ABS and EPS. It is lightweight for kid’s cosy wearing and provides the utmost safety. The chin straps are very soft, and there should be no more worries about that the straps may scratch your child’s sensitive skin.

Straps buckle easy and comfortable to fasten and release. The helmet comes with interior padding system, two sets of substitutable pads with different thickness (5 mm and 8 mm). It provides effective shock and sweat absorption feature, thus making you look cool while wearing.

  • Meets all CPSC standards
  • The adjustable strap of the helmet enables you to customize the fit.
  • Includes comfortable interior padding
  • Requires some breaking in to achieve a comfortable fit

7. Schwinn Toddler Classic Mircroshell Helmet

Schwinn Infant Bike Helmet Classic Design, Ages 0-3 Years, Blue (SW80295-2)

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Schwinn is a big brand name in the bike industry whose standing stretches broad and far, and now they present you with their classic micro-shell helmet to keep your little one safe when biking around into his neighbourhood.

Having the dial-fit retention, regulating this helmet to attain a snug fit is very easy, and you can do it on the fly. It purposely features an integrated visor which helps keep your toddler safe from harmful sun rays and other toxic elements. Not to forget the prolonged coverage for added security/safety. Since Schwinn had your little one’s best concentration when designing this helmet, they ended it with cute graphics around it.

  • Built-in visor
  • Covered with cute graphics
  • Extended coverage for added safety
  • Its design does not suit everyone

Buying Guide

For more information on helmets, we have jotted down a comprehensive buying guide. This part of the article will help you access you every option very carefully and lead towards the wisest decision regarding them, thus simplifying your buying process.

Here is a precise summary of the most significant things to look for to find the best and perfect helmet for your babies and toddlers, before you head towards the market.

  • Helmet Size:

We know that your cargo is precious, but if your helmet does not fit appropriately than it will fail to protect your baby. The baby’s helmets can exceptionally be hard and reliable as there are not a ton of helmets that are sufficiently small to fit small baby heads. So, it is wise to measure your child’s head with a soft measure tape so that you have a clear idea of what size you would be needing. No matter whichever helmet you decide to choose, just make sure that it is a snug to fit on your toddler’s head. No biking movement you want to do is worth jeopardizing your child’s safety.

  • Weight:

You have to know that your child has weak nerve muscles, so you have to make a correct choice, keeping this factor in mind. It would be difficult for them to support the extra weight of the helmet. So, we strongly recommend you to choose as a light-weighted helmet as you can. Keep in mind that if you are searching for a full-face helmet for your little one, they are cumbersome and can shake your entire budget.

  • Flat Back:

While buying a helmet for your child, you have to consider that the helmet you are purchasing for your little one, should come with a flat back, so their skull does not get strapped forward as they lean back compared to the trailer or child bike seat. We know that safety is the first and foremost important thing or you and this is the crucial factor you are not at all willing to take any sort of risk.

  • Buckle:

Most of the helmets comes with standard fasteners which can pinch your child’s neck on bucking or unbuckling. If you don’t want this, magnetic “pinch-free” buckles will prevent that soft skin from getting stuck in the hook, and your child can easily enjoy his biking. Of course, we know that this is not a must-have feature, but indeed it is a nice nice-to-have.


We know there is no federal law needing your precious children to wear helmets, despite that many states and cities have their own basic laws to defend little passengers. As they know that when used properly, helmets reduce the risk of some fatal injuries.

This is why every child in the family needs one, including the grown-ups, and we hope you have found your suitable one on our list.


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