Best Mercedes Remote Control Car For Toddlers

mercedes for toddler

If you are excited for research to find the best Mercedes remote control car for your toddlers to play that entertained them with a full fresh mind. If so, we have researched and reviewed some of the best Mercedes remote control cars for your child.

Driving is great fun not only for younger but also for kids with unlimited benefits, Driving can improve their skills and keep him engaged for long time outdoor and indoor playing.

Driving on Mercedes remote control car for toddlers can be a very safe due to advance technology parents can control their kid’s car from remote, they can change their direction as well as their speed from a long-range up to 80 sq feet.

1. Official Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride On Car

One of the best RC Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride On Car included for those toddlers who are playing on rough terrain because this Mercedes has a design with the great spring suspension system, Kids playing with it on any surfaces of the earth without any issues.

This car has included headlights for more fun on the time dark kids will use their headlights like a real one and entertained their outdoor playing. Also, adjustable seats added for kids’ safety with a remote parent can control their speed as well as their direction.

Kids/toddlers can ride on this electric car for a maximum speed of 4 mph with two motors and aux outlet kids can plug in their phone devices and listen to their chosen songs.


  • Design like Mercedes
  • Safety doors
  • 2.4 GHz remote
  • Aux outlet
  • 3 Speed system


It is easy to ride 1 to 2 hours nonstop

2. Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz

we have very excited to look this Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz for toddlers because this one is a fast and responsive design with a safety remote for changing their forward and reverse direction as well as their speed.

Its wheel has a design with a spring suspension system for a smooth ride on car and led headlight include for more fun and their doors open like a real one which is great excitement for kids at the time of outdoor and indoor playing.

Multiple features are added kids can connect their devices through USB or Bluetooth port and play music while driving their cars.


  • Safety Lock
  • Spring Suspension
  • Working horn
  • Max speed 5km/h
  • Manual and remote control


Charge time maybe long

3. Best Choice Products 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz

Fast and cool design this Best Choice Products 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz can drive manually children and parent can control their child car through 2.4 GHz remote with a max range of 80 sq feet.

This car has a design with front and rear LED headlight that is more excited and for more fun, this car included wheel suspension that kids can feel they are driving like real Mercedes.

Seat belt is added for kid’s safety that they can drive their car without any casualties, also an aux outlet allows kids to plugin medial devices and playing their music while driving around.


  • 12V battery
  • LED headlights
  • Weight capacity 110 lbs.
  • 4 Wheel Suspension


Maybe you will be excited about it

4. Best Choice Products 12V Kids Bentley EXP

This RC toy car for kids has been designed like a real luxury with LED headlight and their doors open like a real one having more fun for toddlers.

Toddlers can drive this car manually with foot pedal accelerators and with a max speed of 3 mph also parent can control their car with their cool remote and can change their speed level and also they can use their remote for forward/reverse direction.

Kids can use their advanced technology and they can plug in their devices while jamming their own selection of music.


  • White stylish luxury car
  • Manual and remote control
  • Aux outlet
  • Parking function
  • Weight capacity 66 lbs


Rear-wheel can spin with motors and front-wheel will spin freely

Buying Guide For Mercedes Remote control Cars For Toddlers

After a final decision, you can find out these important factors for action. Some of the great instructions are given below you can spend a little time and can read it for a great decision.


Safety is one of the major options for buying Mercedes remote control cars for kids. These cars included safety doors open like a real one that is great excitement for kids and also parental remote control added for safety that parent can control their speed as well as there direction.


These cars come with remote but anyway you have lost remote then you can easily find it on amazon or simply contact a company and they can help you.


Addition of 12V rechargeable can increase their fun for a long time but if you have used their battery roughly then you will lose it early but no worry you can easily replace it simply visit on amazon and type 12V battery.

2 Seater Remote Control Cars

This Mercedes electric toy car 2 Seater allows kids to enjoy driving with their brother, sister or friend for getting more fun while playing with new Mercedes.

Spring Suspension:

These cars included wheel spring suspension that can easily drive on grass and also you can use it on rough terrain.

Related Asking Questions

The following related question is added for parents that they can easily take a decision for buying Mercedes remote control cars for kids.

How Mercedes remote control cars will work?

This Mercedes has two motors, each rear wheel has its own motor while front wheels spin freely. This car has also a two-seater.

Do the doors open and close?

Yes, its doors open like a real Mercedes that is more exciting with a lot of funs for kids.

Is there a key to start the car for kids?

Yes, there is key like a real one that you used it for starting the car for your child.

Does it roll on grass?

Yes, You can drive these cars on grass and also they work well on concrete or other paved surfaces.

Is the seat leather?

yes, the seats are made from leather with a great 2-inch foam having more interest for kids to play with there electric toy car.

Can the battery charges more than eight hours will it dangerous or burn out?

It will never burn out if the battery charges more than eight hours. Please Charge the battery for 3-5 hours before first-time use, do not recharge it for more than 6 hours to avoid overheating the charger as that will cause shorten the battery life.

Can we manufacture their radio or LED headlights?

If you have faced a problem with their radio or LED headlight then you will go for contact with a company but another way you remove the safeguard under the front wheels you can see the radio and interface board if you find a wire that loses that need to be melted with boards.

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