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Nail polish for kid

Are you looking for the best nail polishes for kids? Is your child big enough that he has started taking an interest in nail paints, but at the same time, you are worried is it secure and safe? Well, these are those mind-boggling questions that a lot of moms ask themselves. While mothers want to do everything possible, they can to make their kids pleased and contended, and safety that can never be ignored.

After seeing your child getting interested in nail polish colors, you must be wondering which is the best color to buy for them. So were we! We have purchased and tested six of the top kids’ nail polishes for 2021 to figure out every possible option.

Many nail polishes geared towards children have fun, quirky colors and claim to have more health-conscious methods.

For this reason, they may be healthier for pregnant women or even for anyone looking to reduce the number of harmful and toxic chemicals in the home. After using all the shades on ourselves and a 10-year-old tester, we assessed each brand based on metrics such as color quality, health, and ease of application.

Fortunate for you, nail polishes for kids are readily available. This will allow your kid to let his/her inventiveness flow by using safe products. But what exactly should you look for? What are the specific dos and don’ts that you have to take into account? Well, here is a complete guide and our top 10 best nail polishes for kids.

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10 Best Nail Polish For Kids Reviews

1.Karma Kids Box Set

Karma Kids Nail Polish Box Set No. 1 Natural Safe Nail Polish for Little Girls - Non-Toxic, Vegan, and Cruelty Free – Quick Dry Kids Friendly

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Karma Kids Box Set is an assortment of four hues of organic nail shades from the Karma Organic company. The polish is “7 free,” – which means they are free of seven harmful chemicals that are historically found in outdated polishes. This set promotes them as they are suitable for cancer patients, children, pregnant women and anyone else who would like to limit the quantity of harsh chemicals they encounter.

When smearing, the polish offered decent coverage after just one coat. However, to get an utterly impervious color, Karma endorses using two. In terms of durability, all the shades in the Karma Kids box set influence us how long they remain on, outlasting most of the struggle. We even tested the neon-themed set, but Karma Organic has a wide range of colors to choose from.

It would be best if you were a little careful about that; despite being 7-free, the nitrocellulose-based formula emits a strong odor when the bottle is open, signifying that there may still be some severe chemicals present.

  • Vivid colors
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Good staying power
  • Quite strong smell
  • Chemical base


2. Piggy Nail Paint

Piggy Paint 100% Non-toxic Girls Nail Polish - Safe, Chemical Free Low Odor for Kids, Angel Kisses

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Next on our list is Piggy Paint that is a kid-oriented nail polish made with a water-based formula. Their slogan “As natural as mud” is published on every bottle. Linked to other kids’ nail polishes we observed at, Piggy Paint has one of the shortest lists of constituents and skips many of the harshest elements typically found in any nail polish.

We appreciate that there is only a slight odor. It is not at all abrasive and smells somewhat like the non-toxic acrylic shades many parents buy for kids’ art developments. Furthermore, Piggy Paint offers a wide range of color choices for children and adults alike.

Unfortunately, there are no binding chemicals that are used in nail polishes, thus causes a lack of durability and color opacity in this specific brand.

  • Water base
  • Minimal odor
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Chips easily
  • It takes time to dry
  • Streaky application


3. Townley Girl Minnie Mouse

Townley Girl Disney Minnie Mouse Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Girls, Glittery and Opaque Colors, Ages 3+ - 18 Pcs

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The Townley Girl Minnie Mouse kids nail color is a complete set that comes with three festive colors of nail lacquer, one nail file, and a small-sized tin to keep everything in one place. We established the Minnie Mouse-themed set, but there is a wide variety of Disney characters for kids to select from. We really appreciate that the water-based formula consists of fewer toxins than traditional polishes.

We also like the peel-off removal technique for its simplicity and since it means you can easily bypass and avoid the chemical polish remover. All three of the shades included in our set only need one single coat to attain bright and opaque coverage. This set is easy on your wallet and is one of the most reasonably priced options we tested.

Townley refinements are about the shortest-lasting colors of the group. The peel-off formulation is convenient but also leads to chipping of the color and possibly early removal. After applying only one coat to our nails, the color will start to come off after few hours and was completely gone the following day.

  • Peel off removal
  • Fun accessories
  • A vibrant range of color
  • Slow drying time
  • Not durable


4. ella+mila Mommy & Me Set

ella+mila Nail Polish, mommy&me set - I Mint It + Wheels on the Bus

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The great ella+mila Mommy and Me Set will fit accurately with your mother-daughter spa day. They have high-quality nail lacquer, which gives you the option of two colors, one in a big bottle for mom, while the other one is of a tot-sized bottle for your daughter. The formula consents for clean lines when applying, and the shades can last over a week in our understanding.

The polish delivers a reasonable level of opacity with only a single coat; though, a next coat makes it look that much better. For a little additional pizazz on your fingers, the set comes with cute flower decals to give a contemporary look.

This nail paint set uses a chemical-oriented formula and claim to be 7-free while giving inspiring results. However, it unavoidably has more toxins than water-based products, and there is a solid and sturdy chemical odor when the bottle is open.

However, presume a smooth application and long-lasting durability are your top significances. In that case, these ella+mila polishes make a substantial struggle to be more health-friendly and are on their total par with traditional leading polish brands in terms of quality.

  • Smooth and even application
  • Fast dry time
  • Long-lasting
  • Chemical base
  • Strong odor


Lip Smacker Disney Nail Collection, Princess Nail Polish, Set of 6 Water-Based Polishes

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LIP SMACKER is the brand that is known for making fruity lip balms, but at the same time, they possess nail paints as well. This kit consists of six different colors. These shades would undoubtedly attract those who are inspired by DISNEY characters. The attractive bottles make it a perfect gift for your young ones.

It indeed does take longer to dry but sets nicely. It has a thicker uniformity and won’t spill easily, which means you can let your kid to do nail painting themselves under your supervision.

The nail paints in this kit are water-based, which is an excellent sign that the product is safe, especially for children. Water-based means that the solvent is pure water, and there are no dangerous chemicals involved. It is also paraben-free and as well as cruelty-free.

  • Affordable
  • Disney inspired
  • Water-based solvent
  • It peels off even when you wash your hands
  • It takes time to dry



My Little Pony Kids Washable Super Sparkly Peel-Off Nail Polish Deluxe Set for Girls, 18 Colors

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Our next pick is the nail polish kit that contains 18 different shades. This kit is an inspiration from the kid’s show ‘MY LITTLE PONY.’ The diversity of colors is taken from numerous characters and essential staples from the show to stimulate the kids. The best thing is that all the nail polishes are entirely peel-off, which means there is no requirement for acetone-based removers.

Every bottle cap has a photo of the key characters from the show as well. Furthermore, It is also water-based, which means it is free of all sorts of added toxic compounds and is generally safe.

  • Variety of colors
  • Water-based
  • Entirely Peel off
  • Bottles are made up of glass so, they can be dangerous if handled by kids.


7. Prim and Pure EMOSA Nail Polish Set Made for Kids

Prim and Pure Nail Polish Set Made for Kids | Non-Toxic Formula & Easily Peels Off | Made from Fruits & Veggies | Washable, Odorless and Fast drying | Made in USA (Pink, Purple, Teal)

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Next is our Emosa nail polish set consisting of seven different colors: six being colored paints and one transparent one, which is intended for the topcoat. This is yet again also a water-based and peel-off formula. Water-based means that these nail paints do not have any added toxic or harmful chemicals.

The absence of chemicals makes the formula completely odorless. This non-toxic formulation is also peel-off. To get the nail polish off, you will only need to soak your hands in lukewarm water, and they will come off quickly. This kit also comes with a 30 days free return exchange policy, so relax.

  • Easy peel off
  • Quick-dry formula
  • It consists of top Coat nail polish
  • Colors are sheer


8. ‘Just My Style All About Nail Art by Horizon Group USA’

Just My Style All About Nail Art by Horizon Group USA

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This specific product has a favored choice award in the category of kid’s nail polish kits. This fantastic kit has it all. It has three different nail paints, two shiny containers, a pack of gemstone studs, stickers and even manicure and pedicure stickers for your nails. It also comes with clear instructions, so it is also easy for the people who are using it for the first time.

Simple base nail colors with attractive stickers on them are the awareness behind this nail polish set. The variability of products only induces the curiosity of the kids. The picture that it offers makes it a picture-perfect present.

  • Easily affordable
  • Very durable
  • Cute shades
  • The giant box is misleading


9. Hot Focus 036SRMM Scented Nail Boutique Mermaid 168

Hot Focus 036SRMM Scented Nail Boutique Mermaid 168+ Nail Art Kit Includes2 Nail Polishes, 12 Press On Nails, Nail Patches, Nail Stickers, Nail File & Ring. Non, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple

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Next in our list that you could not ignore is a complete set for nail art. This is indeed a great value set for small girls as it contains two water-based non-toxic nail peel off nail colors, 12 scented press on nails in exclusive designs, 20 nail Patches, 130+ nail stickers, one crown-shaped ring and one nail file, thus everything that you can possibly need for your nails.

It has a perfect design since it is a stunning and trendy mermaid project with a dolphin. The perfect gift for tweens or teens. Girls’ birthdays, Christmas, sleepover parties, beauty salon visits and even in their spa days. This nail art kit has the whole shebang you need to create fun and fabulous manicures and Pedicures.

You don’t have to worry as all the products have been undergone wide-ranging lab tests and established safe for use by kids. All scented nail polishes are entirely water-based and can be peeled off effortlessly without the need for remover.

  • A perfect kit that includes everything
  • It can be a perfect gift for girls
  • Non-toxic
  • Nail paint not as durable as promised


10. UPD Townleygirl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish Gift Set for Kids

UPD Townleygirl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish Gift Set for Kids (8), 8Count

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Our last and final pick is another kit for nails. It is easy and fun to apply these polishes and enables petite teenagers to explore fashion and beauty safely and sound. Throw a slumber party and plan an excellent play spa day complete with manicures and Pedicures to make your girl explore the ‘FASHION.’ They just have only to brush on, and its quick-dry formula makes these perfect for small hands and feet. No more nerve-wracking about stained furniture, carpet, walls, toys, or even their clothes. No need for separators.

You don’t have to use any sort of nail paint remover as you can easily peel off and get rid of it—no need to expose your kid to harmful vapors and chemicals and spoil their soft hands.

  • Easy application
  • Each bottle is decorated with an image of everyone’s favorite Disney princesses.
  • Not at all toxic
  • A vibrant range of colors
  • Only suitable for kids above 3


There may include various things to ponder when looking or purchasing nail paint, particularly for kids. Nail paints not only require to have the correct color and sparkle payoff, but it also requires to be safe from any sort of harmful chemicals. Here are some of the important things you will need to seriously consider when looking for a nail paint that is suitable for your child to ensure that the product you are investing in is safe and enjoyable.

Have a look at these essential factors that you should ponder to make a wise decision.


Toluene is a standard nail polish additive. It is added to preserve and maintain the nail’s proper pigmentation for a clear and decent color payoff. While toluene has its own essential contribution to nail paint, it is also a leading factor in causing lung problems, reproductive issues, skin issues, rashes, and even cancer.

This toxic chemical can seep into the skin via a cuticle or areas under your nail and into the right system. This is the reason that it can lead to several internal problems.


Nail polish comes in a variation of colors, textures, and consistencies. One of the most undervalued nail paint factors is how you will take it off from your nails. You have to ensure that you buy a peel-off nail color for your kid. These nail paints can, without difficulty, be peeled off from the nail and won’t need you to rub or dip anything on your nail.

Acetone removers are a problem, though, as it is a known fact that acetone removers tend to dry out easily the nail cuticles and also be severe on the nail itself. Removal through acetone will weaken the base of your nail. The continuous use of acetone can also cause your precious nail to become stiff and brittle.


Most kids’ polish kits have a very milky and sheer output. The colors are very subpar and quite dull. The nail paints are advertised as glossy and vibrant, yet the nail polishes’ actual payoff is abysmal. This can throw off a lot of regular clients and disappoint a lot of kids.

We can understand that kids don’t have a lot of tolerance, and milky nail paint is not something we want. At the same time, some kids may admire it. With a sheer colored nail, paints come with the problem of late drying paints. Again, kids don’t come with a lot of patience.

If nail paint is taking too much time to dry, your kid may get impatient and start to move around, causing the wet color to transfer to everything they touch. And, let us tell you, nail paint from furniture, walls, and clothes does not come off easily effortlessly. Make sure that the colors are sturdy and quick-dry formula.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it is recommended to make sure the product you are planning to buy for your kids is pleasurable and harmless. Some of the products that are okay for mature skin are not okay for children’s skin. Thankfully, various companies focus on making products such as nail colors fun and colorful and completely safe for the kids.

It is a lot of variety available for you online for you to select from. So, look for the best and perfect nail polish for kids that satisfies you and pleases your child because nothing should come between kids and their creativity.

Happy shopping!

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