Lifecolor Diaper Bag Nappy Backpack Reviews

Lifecolor Diaper Bag Nappy Backpack Reviews
Lifecolor Diaper Bag Nappy Backpack Reviews

The Lifecolor constantly produces bags to assist moms who have kids in their life journey, when they travel or while shopping. The company has been focusing on increasing the quality of their backpacks, and that is what we can have in the form of Lifecolor Nappy Bags backpack.

The Lifecolor diaper bag nappy backpack design is so much friendly and attractive, and the straps are ergonomic, which helps prevent one’s neck from straining, and the back is padded for additional support and comfort.

Product description

To be more specific about the bag’s design, let me tell you that there are three separate compartments or holders for bottles that separate other baby’s items so that they may not get wet. These three layers are insulated with tin foil that ensures to keep it for 2-4 hours. Not only that, but the pack further contains many other pockets, which are 16 in total.
The easy to open zipper provides a convenient way to access all your material from a large view.Lifecolor Diaper Bag Nappy Bags Waterproof Travel Backpack Mom Baby Care(Gray) What’s more, you can use it both as a bag and a backpack. You don’t have to worry about falling the pack as the straps ensure easy to carry hands-free.
This particular bag is used for baby pieces of stuff and is suitable for other outdoor occasions like shopping, traveling, restaurants, etc.
What catches one’s eyes the most is the durability and quality of the bag quality. The quality is super-best, which is why the bag is available with 30 days 100% money-back guarantee.
Let me tell you the key features that you have to observe while purchasing any of the backpacks.

  • Storage
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Water-resistant material

Lifecolor Diaper Bag Nappy Bags Waterproof Travel

Storage or capacity

Storage or capacity is, of course, what you should concern while investing in a backpack. The backpack, as mentioned earlier, comes with many functional pockets. You can carry your toddler necessities like water bottles and diapers, etc., and your ones like mobile phone, charger, and books, etc. You can imagine the storage capacity of the bag by noticing its dimension, which is (L x H x W)17.7×13.8×9.4 inches. So, you will not be expired of space once you have this bag in your hands.

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Durability refers to the age or life of the product, the material used in a particular backpack is directly proportional to the durability. So, the better the material is, the best the age of the product would be.

To be more specific, the material herein of Lifecolor diaper bag nappy backpack is oxford fabric which is water-resistant and easily cleanable with water that ultimately leads to the product’s longevity.


The bag mentioned above is much fashionable for everyday use. There are a variety of colors available, like grey and pink, so that you may pick from different alternatives.

Additionally, the zippers are friendly; one can easily take something directly without pulling everything out. The fabric’s color is astonishing, and the zippers are easy to slide; overall backpack is super-stylish and provides many attractive and functional compartments for users.

Water-resistant material

The manufacturer of the backpack is Lifecolor that always prefers quality material to use. The same applies here; the material used in this pack is water-proof oxford fabric, which means water would slick right off and does not allow your items to get wet; this feature of the bag is convenient for those who stay in the rainiest country.


The Lifecolor diaper bag nappy backpack is available in two colors that are grey and pink. Although color does not matter that much, some people are still very concerned and curious about the color option. So, pick according to your choice and baby’s compatibility.


  • There are enough storage pockets for organizing a lot of kinds of stuff
  • The material used is high-quality and water-proof
  • It is lightweight even if one complete it with many items
  • The bag is very stylish and durable
  • Available with 30 days money-back guarantee
  • You can easily slide the zippers


  • The straps may also sometimes get detached if the weight is not proper


You must need good quality and affordable backpack if you are a busy mom with kids. Traveling is fun, but being a mom, it sometimes gets challenging as the kids need different kinds of stuff to be carried with them.

One of your responsibilities as a parent is perhaps deciding what is better for your kid, in this case, a bag. Of course, it is.

Picking the suitable backpack for your baby within your budget limit is something that requires a little search instead of just directly investing in any of them.

Luckily, here we are to provide you with a buying guide as always. We have elaborated one of the best bags above in this article named Lifecolor travel backpack that is not only worth for kids but also for parents. One may use it for their own company while traveling or shopping.

By keeping all the bag’s features and pros and cons in mind, think about your choice and convenience. Either the backpack is worth your needs or not.

If you are more concerned with storage, then this pack is for sure the right product as it offers plenty of gears with a large capacity.

The ability and design are also charming, which adds to one’s exterior looks. Even though there are many compartments for storing different items, the backpack still weighs less than it is easily carriable. Overall, the bag is the perfect choice for Moms and kids.

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