When To Switch to Toddler Bed at Night?

When To Switch to Toddler Bed at Night
When To Switch to Toddler Bed at Night

Although it seems a straightforward action, transitioning a toddler from cradle to a regular bed at night is not that much. In fact, as a parent, we have to concern some factors of safety and comfort deciding on when to switch to toddler bed at night.

Of course, every parent wants their child to be safe and healthy while they sleep. But when to change a toddler to a toddler bed? This is the most frequent question that arises, and the answer may vary according to different circumstances and criteria.

Based on research analysis, expert says that by the age of 3, most toddlers sleep in a bed. Although there are shreds of evidence that toddlers take better sleep in a cradle than the bed, transition to bed is an unavoidable step in a kid’s growth.

Unfortunately, the nature of each kid is somewhat different, and they need to be treated uniquely and smartly. Identifying the correct age of transformation is very crucial for your kid.

So, let’s explore some factors that would help you decide whether your kid is ready for shifting to bed or not.

Some of the signs that indicate transitioning

Age is not always the rule of thumb to decide a child shift to bed at night. Even if the kids have not yet reached the age limit, other considerations also help determine whether your tot is ready for switching. Let’s explore all the factors.

Does your toddler climb out of the crib?

If your kid attempts escaping from the cradle, then it is a sign for you to transport them to a regular toddler bed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that if your tot reaches a height of 35 inches, you could climb out of the crib, a safety hazard.

So, keep in mind the size and weight of your toddler, even if they have not yet met the required age limit.

Whether the crib fits your toddler length or not?

Ensuring the crib length is also vital; once your child’s feet and head touch both ends of the crib, then it is an obvious sign that you have to consider a regular toddler bed for your kid instead of the cradle.

It is beautiful to have a convertible crib adjustable to a toddler bed, but if you don’t! Then soon arrange the new mattress for your growing kid.

Do you have another baby on the way?

Nothing is more exciting than having the news of new arrival, and it makes a perfect excuse for you to transition your toddler to bed if you are expecting a new baby soon.

Purchasing new cribs for the newly arrived infant is not realistic and practical. Instead, introduce the elderly baby to bed and let the little one enjoys the already existing cradle.

But one thing to keep in mind is that you should not give your toddler the sense or feel that the new one is replacing them. Instead, make a transition at least a month before the arrival of a new baby, so your toddler adapts to the habit of sleeping in bed.

Don’t make too many changes at once

The toddlers can hardly adapt to a new environment or habit. If you are introducing your kid to any other addiction like potty training or any other significant milestone like daycare, then you have to consider delaying the transition to bed.

As mentioned earlier, the toddler cannot adjust to sudden changes at once. They require time and patience. So, it is never too late. Let the child have time and fun.

Some Additional handy tips to make the switch

One may ask when and how to make the transition of a kid from cradle to toddler bed. Well, happy to ask. Let’s discover some more tips to help you make that decision.

  • Consider the bed

If your toddler is an active sleeper, you need a low bed to the ground to prevent injuries in case of falling; some parents don’t bother with beds; they only place mattresses on the floor and lay down their kids on the floor while other buy toddler’s bed.

Many of the parents purchase convertible cribs, and when needed, they convert them to beds as per requirements. Although these convertible cribs create a sense of familiarity and awareness, a separate toddler’s bed still plays a vital role. So, you have to consider the type and size of the bed before purchasing it.

  • Try to make the switching as exciting as possible

As per the nature of kids, they want fun and excitement. One can easily inhabit their kids with toddler beds by adding some fun and animation. Tell your kids the importance of sleeping in bed, also show them by actions how comfortable and relaxing it is to sleep in the bed.
One bonus trick that would help is to let your toddler decide the bed they want, so you may regret your purchase later and get them involved with you if you purchase a mattress. Asking their choice would soon make them embrace the new toddler bed.

  • Allow your toddler to place their lovely toys in bed

Keeping the toys your kid loves in bed will help in transitioning, make their bed attractive and welcoming by putting all their favorite animals’ toys with them, so they may feel safe and sound while sleeping.

  • Show patience

Show your patience by actions, as adapting to a new routine or habit may take longer than you expect. At first, the process may seem harder for you and your kid, but believe me, you can, and you are halfway there.

Take into account the following safety factors

To ensure the safety level of your toddler bed, consider the following safety features.

  • Guard rails

Some of the beds have the guard rails by default, while some require to be purchased separately. In either case, guard rails are vital for the safety of a toddler.

  • Avoid hazardous objects in bed vicinity

Your toddler may climb out of bed at night. If they do, then try to keep the area around the mattress as safe as possible. Keep all the sharped corned objects away from the bed.

  • Make soft-landing

The surface should be smooth and soft; placing rugs and soft pillows on the surface reduces the risks of kids’ injuries in case of falling from the bed.


We all love our toddlers, don’t we? Toddlers need special treatment from their parents in every single aspect of life. In education, in playing, in eating, and even in sleeping routines.

Sleeping routines are one of the most crucial ones and need you to manage them carefully. Except for the rest of all the other aspects, a situation arises when a toddler needs to transfer from crib to toddler bed, and this is where parents feel confused as to when to do so.

Don’t worry if you also have the same question about when to switch to a toddler bed at night, because here we are helping you! This article aims to guide you on the right path and make your ways clear while transferring.

Making transition depends not only on your child’s age but also on other factors like safety, the height of the bed, and your involvement, which we have elaborated on in detail above in this article. Please go through this guide, and you will find it very useful in your toddler’s journey towards the bed.

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