Best Night Light with a Timer to Help Toddler Sleep

Best night light with a timer to help toddler sleep
Best night light with a timer to help toddler sleep

Will Night light help for toddlers in sleep? Yes, if you will get up all different hours in the night by a scared child then you need a night light to help toddler sleep in the dark.

Using night light not only for those toddlers who scaring in dark but you can install it in a kid’s room for other reasons like kids feeding; they are asking for food in the middle of the night when they are hungry and also parents will use it for diapering changing.

The night light will also help them when they are playing with their toys instead of sleeping in different hours of the night or you have a little older child school-aged they will be able to read their books in the middle of the night without disrupting other sleep. If you need one then we have researched and reviewed some of the best night light to help toddlers sleep.

Best night light with a timer to help toddler sleep

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1. Bubzi Night Light

When you will use Bubzi night light in toddler’s room, you can turn on Bubzi at the time of kids sleeping, they can glow their red, blue and green colors stars with white noise or lullaby sound for baby to help them to sleep. Your kids and preschooler will relax and calm down watching this night light toy.

It has included toddler sound machine with five sound levels for toddler sleeping training to help the preschooler to easily move from your bed into their own room without a peep.


  • Favorite baby gift with Sound Machine
  • Washable with Volume control
  • Lullabies for kids sleeping


  • Working with power battery

2. Little Hippo Mella Night Light

This Mella night light will perfect for almost one-year-old and up who has some trouble falling asleep, parents can install it in kid’s room and Mella will glow green red and yellow with timer for kids to help them for better sleep.

Mella will work as a wake-up clock for toddlers, parents can choose five colors signal and three sounds for kids they will glow red signal and lullaby for a kid when it’s time to go to sleep and yellow for almost time to morning and green signal with a wake-up song for time to OK wake.


  • Alarm clock with night light
  • Showing digital time
  • Sound system
  • Sleep trainer for kids with Nap timer


  • Light a bit bright

3. Hatch Baby Night Light with Timer

If you want multifunctional night light then you can install this Hatch Baby in your kid’s room for multi-functionality; this one is working as a night light, sound machine and alarm clock for toddlers.

You can easily customize their sound level, colors, and brightness and can control it via remote, mobile phone or can tap it manually for your kid’s sleep. Parents will use this one as a night light for a toddler to help them for feeding and for diaper changing at middle night and also you will use their sound and will your kid’s sleep better.


  • Best night light
  • Customizable color brightness
  • Volume levels
  • Control via remote as well as cellphone
  • Working as a sleep trainer
  • Bluetooth
  • Recommended 3 months and up


  • No wifi feather
  • A bit expensive

4. SOAIY Aurora Night Light

You will install and use SOAIY Aurora as a small night light in your kid’s room, they will glow red blue green and yellow lights for creating a peacefully relaxing environment for your toddlers to help them when they are afraid of the dark at the time of sleep.

Aurora was designed with six natural sound including white noise thunders and summer night etc and also parent can connect their phone through Bluetooth for kids and they can listen to lullabies and relaxing songs to help kids sleep.


  • Seven lighting mode
  • Remote control
  • Night light with timer
  • Sound Machine
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Remote functions are a bit little unorthodox

5. Turtle Classic Night Light

This Turtle Classic Night Light was designed like a tortoise with outstanding stars glowing green blue and amber for a toddler when they are afraid of the dark at the time of sleep and they will shut off automatically after 45 minutes when your child get deep sleep.

They will change their colors with specific cycles through three different colors to make peacefully environment for your toddlers. The batteries really last after a long time because it shuts itself off after about 30 to 45 minutes so it doesn’t just run all night long.


  • Auto shut off after 45 minutes
  • Coll design like a reptile
  • Enough brightness
  • Kids will able to see the surrounding


  • Some time blue will dimmer

6. Night Skylight for Toddlers

Skylight not only night light but also a standout gift for kids and adults, you can install this one in kids room if they are afraid of dark or also you can use it for school-aged child, they will create a relaxing environment for your kids when they are reading their books or playing games before going to sleep.

Skylight will use direct laser diode to project different colors to make peacefully environment for your kids when they are going to sleep or reading or playing at night time.


  • Suitable for game rooms
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Control button
  • Gift for adults


  • The spinning of stars some time workless

7. Moredig Night Light Projector

We have very exciting to add Moredig Night Light Projector for toddlers because their design is so cute and kids will easily love their feathers. It has included colorful lights, timer, music songs, auto turn off, and rotation mode.

You will control all their feathers from remote you don’t get up when your kids afraid from dark and asking for lights, just press the remote button and turn on night light that makes a relaxing environment for your child and you can use their sound for more funs at sleep time.


  • 360 Degree rotating
  • Birthday gift with Colorful lights
  • Remote control with Digital timer
  • Music system with Relax environment


  • A bit high price

8. Boon Glo Nightlight

We have added this one for those toddlers when they are scaring from dark at sleep time or asking for foods or they will be playing with their toys before going to sleep then Boon Glo Nightlight will help them and they will glow their removable balls with different colors up to 30 minutes.

The Parent can select their kid’s favorite colors with a sliding lever or keep them circulating to create a pleasant environment for kids to help parents and their kids for better sleep.


  • Removeable balls with Cool design
  • Different colors
  • Relax environment
  • Baby breastfeeding


  • Not a timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why night light for toddlers sleep?

The night light is small light when you install it in a kid’s rooms for creating a peaceful and relax environment for kids and parents when kids will afraid of dark or parents can use it when their child asking for food in the middle of the night or for diaper changing etc.

Kids safety through a night light

You will pick the best night light for your kid’s safety for creating the best relax and safer environment inside the room, the night light will glow different colors and your kids will able to see their surroundings and encourage better sleep.

Night light with Sound

You can select a multifunctional night light with a sound machine if you needed, your kids will be able to listen to lullabies and bed stories for encouraging batter sleep.

Is night light best for toddler’s health?

According to the research of Ohio State University sleeping with night light protect the eyes of diabetics from retinopathy so it is good for installing a night light in your kid’s room.

Night Light with timer

Using night light with a timer will teach your kids how you will sleep better, you will use it for your kid’s remainder, they will glow red for time to bed and green for time to wake up.

Night light for newborn

You can put it on the side table in the room for newborn and they will allow you to check their potty or you can use it for diapering or breastfeeding.

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