BECMD Travel Backpack for Stylish Parents – Detailed Review

Becmd Travel Backpack for Stylish Parents Review
Becmd Travel Backpack for Stylish Parents Review

The Obersee Rio, with more excellent, disguised as a backpack, is a perfect diaper bag for parents looking for the most refined travel backpack. If you’re searching for the best detachable cooler to keep bottles and meals hot or cold, this would be it.

It also attaches and detaches quickly and painlessly. This is what differentiates this most acceptable Becmd Travel backpack for stylish parents. We believe parents will appreciate how easy it is to handle, arrange, and transport.

People always want the finest products; thus, it is common to conduct research and read product reviews before purchasing a product. A diaper bag is an absolute need for moms.

It is usually a good idea to have extra diapers with you when you go out since children may be rather amusing at times. The Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack is indeed one of the finest diaper handbags on the market; today’s review will tell you all you need to know about it.Diaper Bag Backpack Waterproof & Stylish Baby Maternity Back Pack for Mom & Dad (Sea Green)

The Obersee Rio is pretty pleasant to take when correctly positioned on your shoulders, and we gave it a 6 out of 10 throughout this area.

The shoulder straps are cushioned and lined with a mesh lining, which allows the cloth to breathe.

However, there is no flexible fabric on the back of the bag, which results in a pretty hot back when carrying your child and their belonging with you.

The Obersee comes with stroller straps, although we highly advise against using them since they throw strollers off balance and therefore can make them tip over.


The Obersee Rio resembles the backpack we had in high school, and we gave it a 5 out of 10 for style. We awarded the Obersee a 6 out of 10 for durability, placing it in the middle of our evaluated backpacks.

It is built of reasonably high-quality components, as well as the closures and hardware performed well during our evaluation.

Still, we discovered that plastics clips (such as those found on the more astonishing connection) tended to break or wear out fast with repeated usage. Its mesh sections on the inside and outside of the bag may potentially wear out or snag over time.


Becmd bag-holding method is quite advantageous for transporting your baby’s belongings because it frees up your hands. We prefer the Obersee because it makes it simple to store and transport your baby’s belongings and, if properly adjusted, can perhaps spare you from back strain.

In respect of bangs for your money, we thought the Obersee to be a good buy. Whereas the price is in the maximum range for a backpack, the accompanying components transform what could be mistaken for an everyday pack into a handy diaper bag.

Its pocket is large and spacious, and it can hold a large number of goods. To your benefit, there are several compartments and a key hook. This has a tiny pocket in front where small things and accessories may be stored. It also features cushioned rooms for tablets and laptops approximately 15 inches in length.

The Obersee is pretty spacious and could accommodate all we discovered that parents would want for a good outing with the baby.

Where it falls short is in terms of accessibility. If you’re out and about with the cooler connected, you’ll need to detach it to get at the contents of the bag.


The Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack throughout black with Detachable Cooler is a unique innovation. Its simple style is characterized by simplicity.

We loved the ability to disconnect the cooler when not in use, which saves weight and shows a rather unremarkable black backpack. Its clever wipes, storage, and abundance of compartments make it easy to stay organized and find goods when you’re in a hurry.

It includes cushioned shoulder straps and back cushioning to assist and maintain your comfortable as just a lightweight diaper bag.

If you want to hang it as a bag, there’s also a carrying grip at the top. There is also a changing mat provided. It is simple to clean; we could either hand wash or spot clean it because it seldom becomes filthy, except the brightly colored ones.


  • It is no doubt that it’s Lightweight
  • Easy to wear because of its Shoulder Straps
  • Changing Mat
  • You can keep your meal and drinks Cooler or hot for longer


  • Straps for strollers are sold separately


This is a reasonably priced, good-quality backpack diaper bag that parents should like using. Becmd travel bag does have the ability it will last for several years if properly used and organized.

It lives up to its promises; the material is of good quality and long-lasting, and the bag is available in various designs and colors. Its chiller is not only for drinks, but it can also hold snacks and other things to keep them warm or hot.

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