CoolBELL Diaper Backpack Review

CoolBELL diaper Backpack Review
CoolBELL diaper Backpack Review

We cannot imagine how hard it is for parents to carry their kids along with their necessities. Carrying loads of your baby on your back could destroy the absolute pleasure of your picnic, but this is not always the case.

The CoolBELL diaper backpack is there to serve the parents who keep children in their life. The gear allows you to transfer all the load from your arms to the bag so that your hands are free and you have a complete focus on your tot.

The variety of pockets provides you with a lot of storage that includes a side tissue pocket, side insulated bags, two waterproof patches for the diaper, the main compartment of kid’s clothes, and an additional region for a towel.

The two adjustable stroller straps are added to the back to fix it according to the child; these are more durable and reliable than the removable straps.

Furthermore, you won’t miss or forget the straps while carrying the bag. There is soft padded foam on the back of the pack that provides an upper degree of comfort for the user.

The bag’s dimensions are 17.3 x 13.3 x 7.4 inches. It is constructed from pure nylon, which weighs only 1.54 pounds which is easily carriable by almost every individual.  

CoolBELL diaper Backpack for Parents with Toddlers Review


Storage is the key factor you should be concerned with while purchasing because storage makes a bag either suitable or unsuitable for you and your kids.

Therefore, you have to make sure if there are enough rooms for your items to fit correctly or not. In this case, the bag mentioned above provides you with several functional spaces, including waterproof pockets where you could keep all the demanded items for your baby like tissue pocket, and milk pocket, etc.

Other minor areas for different purposes are:

  • C—Pacifier pocket with zipper
  • Waterproof bag for keeping the wet towel
  • Right side insulated pocket
  • Left side tissue pocket


The design of any backpack or bag can also play a vital role which is why the bag is designed attractively and well made. Based on people’s experience, one can use it for months without even broken zippers.

What’s more, is that it looks fabulous. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry it around comfortably on one or both shoulders.

With this bag, one may not have to sacrifice the style and looks because it makes you look incredible and stunning. Furthermore, this is not only a diaper bag; instead, one can use the bag in various ways.

USB charging port

One of the fantastic features is a removable USB portable charger where you can charge your device on the go. The port allows you to connect any charger, which means not specific for android or iPhone.

But some designs don’t have a charging hub, so check the design before purchasing the backpack. The USB port encourages you to take your cell phone with you on a trip even if the battery is insufficient, and yes, it works properly.

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Important features to be noticed

The dimensions of the main compartment are 15.0×11.5×4.2

Inside the central area includes:

  • 2x mesh pockets
  • 1x compartment for cloths
  • Three pockets for keeping milk bottles
  • One big mesh pocket for dried towel
  • Three spoon slots

One may also ask about the color of the product so that you would find it in Grey.


  • The backpack is Gender neutral
  • It is easy and comfortable to carry around
  • Many pockets lead to a large storage area
  • USB charging port
  • The stroller straps are also nice


  • Some reviews say the zippers broke soon
  • Some users found the backpack to be narrow


It is crucial to have something as a source of storage for your kids’ items. Bags is one of those sources that you must have with your babies as a parent to keep yourself comfortable with the loads.

Most often, parents are on the go with their kids and their personal belongings, where they find it very hard to manage.

In such scenarios, the diaper backpacks come to play their part; the diaper bags are valid for the child and assist the parents who are interested in going for a picnic or shopping. The backpack which I have just mentioned above is one of the best backpacks for parents with kids.

Luckily, the manufacturer CoolBELL designed the backpack in a versatile way, which means this is a storage area for different pieces of stuff like tissue, towel, or water bottles and offers some other functionality like mobile charging feature, etc.

Although the backpack might have some weak areas or points overall, the gear is individually tested and recommended by users for various purposes.

So, be careful while purchasing a backpack, especially in the online world; keep in mind the above-elaborated functions and features of a pack.

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