8 Best Toddler Underwear That Doesn’t Ride Up in 2023

8 Best Toddler Underwear That Doesn't Ride Up
8 Best Toddler Underwear That Doesn't Ride Up

If you are stressed out to find the best, search for toddler underwear. The page you are on will help those parents who seriously wonder some excellent content about kids’ underwear, especially those who do not ride up.

Sometimes parents got a good pair of underwear but yet they faced some difficulties. But don’t worry, we reviewed and listed some of the best underwear for your child to solve your problems.

We have done a detailed survey and found some complications that faced parents about toddler underwear. Some of the major issues that parents face about toddler’s underwear are sensitive skin, ride up, and unattractive prints.

Generally, briefs, boxer briefs, and tights there are three types that famous for little boys. While for little girls, they have a bikini, boyshorts, brief and hip huggers that are most common. We have reviewed and focused on underwear that doesn’t ride up, fit size, Cool prints, enough elastic waistband, underdressed so that all of your issues are catered to.

Why toddler underwear riding up?

This is the question that might hit you when choosing underwear for your kid. There are some excellent reasons to cause toddler underwear to ride up. If there is not sufficient elasticity in the waistband to keep those undies in place, it could irritate your child to have it on.

Similarly, at the time, the leg opening of Undies is too broad and not sticky to the kid’s thighs which causes riding up. But the standard way for undies to riding up may be too large or too small. After getting equipped with the critical information regarding kids’ underwear, we will move on to the list we have created after our survey.

Comparison Table: Best Toddler Underwear

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1. Boboking Baby Soft Cotton Underwear

After deep research, Booking is on the top of our list for the best and perfect underwear that doesn’t ride up. The material or fabric used in this underwear is soft cotton which makes it soft and comfy.

The threads of the thigh area are not too sticky, which means no smell and easily breathable. It is designed with an extra elastic waistband and elastic leg; so, they are great and comfortable for a toddler to wear and off. They are less or oo thick and safe to wash by a washing machine, and the best thing is that they still look great after several times of washing.


  • 100 Percent cotton material
  • Comfy and breathable
  • Sturdy and comfy waistband
  • Multiple colors
  • Does not leave a stain


  • Not as absorbent as promised

2. Closecret Toddler Soft Cotton Underwear

Next, we have Clossecret, made from thicker soft cotton and spandex, and is a perfect fit for little girls even after several washes.

They include cut for better coverage on the backend and will never rise. They are quite soft and comfortable for all-day use, easy to wear and don’t bunch up in a toddler’s legs.

These all qualities are enough for your child to have them on regularly. The underwear is so comfortable due to their enough elastic waistband and legs.

The design is pretty adorable and made for a weekly routine, and each one is designed with different prints so that you can select one of your choices.


  • Pack of 12 pieces with multiple colors
  • Adorable design
  • Fit perfectly and look great even after being washed
  • Free from riding up
  • Different colors and prints


  • Inappropriate phrases written on some pairs

3. Core Pretty Girls Cotton Underwear Soft Boy Shorts

If you are still on the page, getting your required content and looking for toddler girls’ undies, we recommend Core pretty. This underwear is skin-friendly and made from spandex and cotton material.

Also, there pretty design of inelastic cuts in toddler’s thighs and offer to breathe, thus have no smell.

The best and impressive thing about them is that they are non-slip since the elastic waistband covers with soft fabric and feathering various styles for a cute look. They are easy to wash and can even be washed by washing machines.


  • Comfy fabric waistband
  • Doesn’t bunch in kid’s legs
  • Not tight on kid’s thighs
  • Extra strength and durability


  • They might get shrunk after some time

4. Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Toddler Cotton Hipster

Fruit of the Loom underwear is double feathers. Firstly, this is leakproof to keep toddler paint clean, while the other is that it doesn’t rid up. The underwear is made from 100% cotton material.

They are also super soft waistbands and fabric at the thighs, and your little girls will feel comfy all day.

This one is primarily intended for toddler girls with cute color prints. Also, their non-slip design helps to keep underwear from falling.

The elastic leg opening also covers with extremely soft fabric to keep the undie in place. And you know what, we have noticed that kids love fruit for the loom.


  • Bundle of 12 pack
  • 100 percent cotton material
  • Cover with fabric
  • Doesn’t rise up


  • Fabric is not as soft as some other undies

5. Disney Little Girls’ Princess 7-Pack Panties

If this is the first experience for your toddler to have underwear, we would suggest going for Disney underwear. We have even seen a 15 months toddler girl using them and finally land unto some pros.

The very first, this one is made purely from a cotton material which is pretty lenient and easy to wear. It has a perfect design with an elastic waist and legs opening so your child will not get those burns.

They have sufficient elasticity in the waist and thighs areas to hold underwear from falling down or adjusti ng them repeatedly. The design is princess prints and completely safe for washing in a machine.


  • Cute design and Pack of seven
  • Elastic waist and legs
  • Doesn’t ride up or falling down


  • Might have some quality issues

6. Booking Little Boys Briefs Dinosaur

Next on our list is again from Booking, which was on the top of the list. But these are a bit different. They are made from soft cotton material. The underwear is designed with an elastic waistband and elastic leg covered from fabrics that are very easy to breathe and free from any sort of sweating smell.

They are super comfortable for little boys and safe for skin. Also, they are designed with some cool prints and perfect to covers the entire backside. They are thick enough and easy to clean by wash machines, thus a perfect option to consider.


  • Dinosaur truck and Soft and comfy
  • Breathable and free from smell
  • Elastic thighs cut to hold on place
  • Pack of six for toddler boy


  • Does not have suitable fittings

7. Carter’s Boy`s 7 Pack Briefs

If you are nervous and anxious and looking for toddler boy underwear, then our next pick will carter you here. They are soft and have elastic cuts in the thighs, which is safe for your little one skin (skin-friendly).

This underwear also has elastic waistbands to hold it to the right and appropriate place to keep falling or rising up.

The elastic legs are covered with soft fabric and are not sticky with your kid’s thighs which is breathable and as well as durable. Their attractive color design is super cute and lovely for kids.


  • Elastic waistband
  • Inelastic cuts in thighs
  • Cute prints for a good look
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Free from any tag label


  • The offered size is not suitable for all

8. Cotton Training Pants 4 Pack Padded

Lastly, we have another great pair of undies that are best for potty training. It is designed with elastic thighs cut, which also has padded lining inside to keep minor accidents from leaking.

The elastic thighs cuts and waistbands are superb for holding the right place to keep it from rising or falling. They are so comfy and soft for little boys that they would not get frustrated.

One of the mothers we have found in a forum told us about their cute prints that look great on little boys. They fit perfectly on little toddler boys.


  • Best for toddler potty training
  • Comfortable for toddlers
  • Absorbent lining
  • Elastic waistband and thighs
  • Avoiding rising or falling down


  • Too bulky

Buying Guide

Now we will focus on some essential factors that this underwear should consist of. You should look at all these small tips so that your child may not have disastrous experiences with their undies and quickly get used to them.


Cotton is the most accurate material for children’s underwear, with several parents opting for organic cotton. They do this to diminish the number of potentially toxic chemicals their offspring are exposed to.


How well your kids’ underwear stands up to the rigors of the washing machine and dryer is a primary consideration when making your choice before buying. This is especially significant when you are potty training, and your child may go through multiple changes of underwear in a day. You don’t want to be discarding away multiple pairs of undies and going to the expense of replacing them every few weeks. You can evade that issue by ensuring the children’s underwear you purchase washes pretty well, keeping its shape, color, and feel.


Some underwear has a snug and inappropriate fit, which some children don’t prefer. While at the same time, other children may find loose underwear uncomfortable. So, you have to find the correct size according to your child’s weight to get the best fit so that he or she doesn’t get irritated.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should My Child Start Wearing Underwear?

As soon as your tike is ready for potty training, it’s time for his underwear. Most kids will show signs of readiness amid 18 and 24 months, while other kids may not begin the process until three years old.

Should We Use Underwear or Training Pants?

Many pediatricians and parents recommend beginning with training pants as a go-between when transitioning from diapers to undies. These undies have better and correct absorbency than regular underwear but are more cloth-like than normal diapers.

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