10 Best Eco Friendly Kids Lunch Box You Can Afford (Complete Guide)

10 Best Eco Friendly Kids Lunch Box
10 Best Eco Friendly Kids Lunch Box

As most of us are very well aware of the amount of plastic waste we see in the world today, it is pleasant to know there are good opportunities for sustainable school supplies. At the moment, there are many eco-friendly lunch box choices to select from, ranging from stainless steel to leak-proof lunch totes.

Swapping to an eco-friendly kid’s lunch box is one of the contended decisions you can possibly make. Ancient school lunches meant tinfoil, single-use brown paper bags, single-use plastic baggies.

Whatsoever you used to be typically thrown out in the lunchroom. Single-use lunch box options don’t keep controlled at any specific temperature, AND they are awful for the atmosphere.

Instead of putting your contribution to our overflowing landfills, work with your child to select an eco-friendly kids lunch box they love. You involve them in the final verdict and explain the importance that will benefit them to stay invested in their container of choice.

The standard reusable bento box that is made from BPA-free plastic is one of the prominent examples, but not all. Below we are going to spend and invest some time covering the best and perfect earth-friendly lunch box options.

So, if you are going back to school or simply supermarket run for a new lunch container, these will be your perfect and ideal options for eco-friendly lunch box products.

Quick Answer: Best Eco Friendly Kids Lunch Box

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1. Rubbermaid LunchBlox Small Lunch Bag

This budget-friendly lunch bag is ideal for children in elementary school. This will not break your bank, but it is surprisingly roomy and perfect for healthy school lunches. This lunch bag comes in four different colorful designs that include purple, blue and black patterns.

This lightweight product is purposely designed to be used with Rubbermaid Lunch box food containers, but you can also easily use it with whatever Tupperware available at your place.

Reviewers also appreciate that it has a side zip closure, making it very convenient to pack and unpack. There are also great and capacious mesh pockets on every side of this container where you can store some extra food.

This lunch box is completely safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. It is also BPA-free, so you can rest guaranteed it will be safe for your kids and very easy to clean.


  • Easily affordable
  • Specifically designed to work with Rubbermaid lunchbox
  • Light in weight


  • The handle might come off easily

2. PlanetBox Eco-Friendly Kids Lunch Box


PlanetBox is a complete lunch box system that is made from safe stainless steel. The incredible bento box-style lunch containers consist of three different sizes. Children love bento box lunch containers since foods stay separate, fresh and neat. They are also the picture-perfect size for little fingers to work with.

These kids’ lunch boxes also come with well-ordered accessories to jazz them up. You can complement a single dish, colorful pods, a decorative magnet, and a carrier bag to personalize your order.

Let your child select their attractive magnets, or upload their own custom ones instead. Having them wholly involved in the process will get them enthusiastic about their new eco-friendly lunch box! PlanetBox products are dishwashers purely safe and give their customers a five-year warranty.

You can even get 15% off your initial order when you sign up for the PlanetBox email newsletter, and there no charges for shipping on orders over $100.


  • An entire lunch box system
  • Keeps food separate and fresh
  • Contains five compartments


  • Food might include leak sometime

3. PlanetBox SHUTTLE Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

Next on our list is again from PlanetBox. This lunch box contains two compartments which are suitable for kids and as well as for adults. The tiny footprint makes this the perfect size meal container for precise portion control.

This lunch box is also straightforward to clean. Just stick it in with the dishwasher. Make sure to remove magnets first! You can even keep these in your refrigerator or another convenient and comfortable spot when the lunchbox is not in use.

This lunch box comes with a five-year warranty. This will ensure the buyer giving them the confidence that they are selecting the right product. It caters primarily to younger kids with fewer appetites, but we have found it’s the ideal companion for day trips to the hikes, beach, road trips, and other adventures.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Very easy to clean
  • Suitable for kids and adults as well


  • Eco-friendly but the size is too small

4. Stainless Steel Double Layer Lunch Box for kids

This is another high-quality and eco-friendly lunchbox.  The high-quality 201 food-grade stainless steel helps to keep your food warm and fresh for quite a long time in this lunch box. Its durable and stylish stainless-steel kitchenware will undoubtedly attract you.

Furthermore, this lunch box is made up of stainless steel and comes with one inner plate to give extra space. As it is made from 100% metal, so there is no hassle of leakage. Its high-quality steel does not crack at all and shines like new for several years.

The food items that are packed in steel Tiffin do not give any sort of smell and are purely secure for kids. Its round-edged body does not have high-pitched corners that may be damaging. The plate inside has also been provided with round edges.


  • High-quality lunch box
  • Made up of 100% metal, so no leaking problem
  • Durable and stylish


  • Only suitable for kids

5. King International Tiffin Lunch Box

This three-tier Tiffin Lunch box holds a good variety of small portion lunch things, or you can use it for small household get-togethers as this steel lunch box encompasses three equal-sized layers. Different size steel lunch box containers are helpful to store food of various amounts and quantities.

Both the layers of this stainless-steel box and its lids are held strongly and firmly together by the separate clamping system, and it is picture-perfect for all carrying lunch while being nomadic as this stainless-steel lunch box will keep your nourishment hot for long.

It has exotic silver shining, and it is pretty easy to clean. As made from 100% Stainless Steel, they are highly sturdy and resistant to any corrosion.


  • Holds a good variation for a small portion
  • Comprises of exotic silver lining
  • Made up of 100% stainless steel


  • Standard sand, which on bread is a little large and would have to be crammed into it to fit

6. OZCHIN Lunchboxes for Kids

The OZCHIN lunch box each and every pattern offers a lively, vivid, colorful and joyful amalgamation that makes it entertaining and different to carry around. Select your preferred color and theme, pack food and drinks for your younger ones. Believe us; lunch has never been more fun for the kids.

This excellent lunch box is lightweight and compact in size. In the meantime, it can hold a good-sized vessel with ample room for utensils, snacks, juice boxes and water bottles. They are featuring a front deep front pocket for hiding candies or sweet notes so that your child enjoys every bite of their kid.

With durable construction and robust materials, this lunch box bag is made easy to use for your family. Plus, an OZCHIN life-long replacement assurance for service you can trust and rely on.


  • Long-life warranty
  • Wholly safe and insulated bag
  • Lightweight


  • Color might be different from the displayed ones

7. VanEnjoy Eco-friendly Compact Bento Lunch Box Set with Spoon

This next pick of the eco-friendly lunchbox is made from natural and renewable wheat straw fiber, starch and food-grade PP. It is entirely safe for children and families to use at schools, home, picnic and on trips.
It is also BPA-free, non-toxic, renewable, degradable and food safe, which means that it is a purely eco-friendly product that you were looking for.

This lunchbox is a great example of perfect size, which is for your convenience. It consists of one set of three bento lunch boxes. Each of them measures 7.2 x 3.2 x 4.5 inches, with a total volume of 32 oz, which is considered as intelligent and capacious enough to fit and adjust comfortably within kids & adults backpacks, rucksacks and handbags and will prove to be a real space saver.

In short, these are simple and adorable design features that have clean and warm colors and are considered a great lunch box for kids and adults.


  • Great capacity
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Made from natural and renewable wheat straw fiber, thus completely natural


  • Not leak-proof

8. 3 Sprouts Lunch Bento Box

3 Sprouts was formed by three friends who share a great love of babies and an appreciation for exclusive and modern products. Having driven in design in New York and Toronto for such high-profile corporations, we were quite inspired and motivated to create a collection that appealed to and attract to both children and parents.

The 3 Sprouts lunch bento box is purposely designed to distinct food for your child for easy stuffing and eating. There is no mess involved with this three-compartment container.

The lunchbox keeps your food divided, attracting even the pickiest of eaters. This lunch container for kids is non-disposable and very easy to clean. Either do a simple hand-wash or put it in your dishwasher for an excellent and good rinse. Your kid will make this their preferred lunchbox. Picture-perfect for easy meal-prep; no more requirement for traditional brown bags.

The leak-proof strategy even permits you to pack wet foods like dips or yogurt. Its three compartments are perfectly distributed for a child’s appetite, and the kid-friendly latches open and close effortlessly. The 3 Sprouts Lunch Bento Box abolishes the need for any plastic bags and keeps your child’s lunch litterless.


  • Perfectly portioned
  • Leak-proof
  • Can be easily washed by hand, even


  • Not so durable

9. Wildkin Kids Insulated Lunch Box Bag for Boys and Girls

Wildkin is a recipient of the respected Mom’s Choice Award. The MCA assesses products created for parents and is globally known for establishing the benchmark of fineness in family-friendly goods.

Packed with great personality, Wildkin’s insulated Lunch Boxes were primarily designed to help you and the environment by delivering a reusable and fun option for snack and lunch time. Awesome measuring 9.75 x 7 x 3.25 inches means that each lunch box is spacious enough to adjust all your favorites and then rest!

Made from super durable and sturdy 600-denier polyester fabric with an internal moisture-resistant nylon lining, Wildkin’s Lunch Box is proficient in handling everything you throw at it – both out and inside.

Premium material makes these 100% play proof Wildkin insulated lunch boxes hard-wearing, sturdy and easy to clean. Insulation supports sustaining hot and cold temperatures all over the day to improvise food quality, freshness and taste.

Wildkin’s kids’ bento box bag line is not only one of the most outstanding options on the market, but each pattern bids an exciting and bold look that makes it fun to carry around.


  • Superior quality
  • Pattern synchronizes with olive kids and other wildkin items
  • Travel-friendly design


  • Zippers break easily

10. Bentgo Kids Brights Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box

Our last and final pick is a lunch box from Bentgo Kids. Bentgo Kids is an advanced bento-style kids lunch box intended for children on the go. With a partition for fruit, veggies, dip, an entree, and dessert, this proves to be a completely leak-proof kids lunch box that organically motivates parents to pack a more wholesome, composed lunch for their children.

Even though the Bentgo Kids lunch box is suggested for children ages 3-7, it can still be used by teens and adults looking to pack a portion-controlled lunch. It has drop-proof, rubber-coated edges and a durable design that is perfect for energetic kids on the go, and all made with BPA-free food-grade materials.

Bentgo endures being a proud follower of Feed the Children, a nonprofit that gives hope and all sorts of resources to hungry children and families.


  • Great capacity
  • Leak-proof
  • Drop-proof so quite durable


  • The clip that is used for closing might break easily

Buyer’s Guide (Factors you Need to Consider)

Here are some handy tips for purchasing an eco-friendly lunchbox or snack container for your child. These are essential considerations that you should not ignore if you don’t want any unpleasant experience with your child and if you don’t want to spend on the same thing repeatedly.

Non-toxic materials

Our first concern is the material from which that lunchbox is made. Lunch boxes or Bento boxes come in both plastic and metal. Stainless steel bento boxes are free from any noxious materials but tend to require a little more investment.

While on the other hand, plastic bento boxes are pretty easy to clean and hygienic, affordable, and even microwave and dishwasher friendly. But when selecting a plastic bento box, you may want to check that it is free of BPA and any phthalates as your child’s safety must be your priority.


Lunch boxes can come with immovable compartments or containers that can be matched and mixed depending on your requirements. Take into deliberation how much food you are planning on sending with your child to school.

If you want to have numerous lids on each section of food so just simply lift the top to access all the cubicles at once. This made the handling and management easy for the moms and as well for the kids.

Easily Slipped

Most bento boxes do not come with anything to insulate the food. Nevertheless, most can be easily slipped into a kid’s bento box along with an ice pack.

Though, we did include a bento box on this list that has a complete thermos compartment to carry warm foods in, such as soup or other fried items, so that your child can eat and enjoy at the same time.


Lastly, price should also be your concern while buying a lunchbox as this factor can only be understood and taken care of by any responsible householder. Many of the bento boxes are easily affordable for nearly every budget range.

We have also included a few higher-priced bento boxes, but don’t worry as those will last a long period, so you don’t have to buy again, but still, we have some extra-budget-friendly options too.

Wrap Up

Exposing yourself to the world of environmental sustainability is the best technique for a diligent, proactive lifestyle. The more individuals know about the wealth and importance of eco-friendly products, the more readily and quickly they can adapt their usual daily living to a healthier world.

In this case, the only trouble in choosing an eco-friendly bento box may be narrowing down the choice to the most suitable type.

There is an answer to that dilemma as well. Select several types, so there is plenty of conveniences, not to mention good-looking variety to enjoy an improved lunch every day.

No matter which eco-friendly lunchboxes you pick, you will have a wide range of colors to select from, for instance, shiny stainless steel, rustic bamboo in white or black, colorful silicone or even transparent glass.

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