Is It Safe for My Kids to Use Headphones and Earbuds? (Explained)

Is It Safe for My Kids to Use Headphones and Earbuds
Is It Safe for My Kids to Use Headphones and Earbuds

Gadgets are not a lifestyle statement anymore. They have become a necessity. They have become a part of keeping up with their studies, friends and pretty much everything these days for the kids. The pandemic has caused more exposure; as a result, they are adopting them and going with the flow.

Headphones not only look cool on your ears; they have also become a necessity any more than just a style statement. While being dependent on gadgets caused exposure to different media and triggering the need to have headphones for your kids as well. Be it studies, music or movies, the kids love to groove along with the beats and swiftly becoming an integral part of life.

But the main concern of every parent today, is it really safe? You have heard about too much radiation and its adverse effects on hearing ability and the brain. And as a result, many parents are hovering between allowing your child to use it or not.

Are Headphones Safe for Children?

Parenting is no doubt the most daunting job in the world; many prefer to keep their child completely involved with their online activities, especially studies, without any distraction.

An adult headphone is not stable for a kid. They can only cause discomfort but permanent hearing loss. The ear canal of a kid is considerably narrower, and loud music can cause hearing problems issues.

However, the problems can be avoidable if you choose the right product. There are headphones particularly designed for kids. You can allow your kid to use them even for longer hours but make sure to keep the volume level within the prescribed range, which is 60% of it.

What problems can be caused by Headphones?

There are many drawbacks are your kids using adult headphones, and being a parent, you should be mindful of the problems before handing them over a cool new pair.

  • Loud noise can harmfully affect hearing.
  • Headphones can make your kid less vigilant about his or her surrounding, which can cause harm.
  • It can cause vertigo.
  • Sharing headphones might invite germs.

How Earbuds Damage the Ears?

Accept as accurate it or not, earbuds can harm your hearing in the same way that things like motorcycles and chainsaws can. That may seem strange because earbuds are so tiny.

But the volume can do the same damage.
Chainsaws and motorcycle engines produce the sound of about 100 decibels. That much sound can begin to damage a child’s ears even less than half an hour. An MP3 player at 70% volume is around 85 decibels. Listening for a long duration of time at high volume can put you at real risk of uncurable hearing loss.

Hearing loss caused by earbuds is similar to a condition is known as (NIHL) noise-induced hearing loss. This sort of hearing loss is becoming more common among kids and teens because of obvious reasons.

Why should Kids have Headphones?

There are some positive sides to giving a pair of headphones to your kid, and they can really be helpful in the learning process and developing their personality. The Noise cancellation capability of headphones can really help your kids’ ears. Especially when there is already a lot of noise in the house already and keeps them distracted.

Headphones can guard your kid from such noises and disturbance. In-ear audio pieces can straightaway affect the eardrum thus should be avoided, it’s better to get them a headphone.

Headphones designed for kids have inbuilt volume control technology, unlike earphones. Hence, a single jerk in that would help them manage the sound level.

Precautions to Consider While Allowing Kids Use Headphones

After all these, you should take specific safety measures before letting your kid groove with the music on headphones.

  • If you can hear the music from a meter distance, then it’s too loud. Adjust the volume level.
  • If you can preset and control the sound limit, go for that and try to maintain the permissible level.
  • Ensure that your kid takes a break every hour while using the headphones
  • Try to make them aware of the adverse effects it can have on their ears.

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