How Much Milk Does A Toddler Need – A Detailed Summary

How Much Milk Does A Toddler Need
How Much Milk Does A Toddler Need

Toddlers love drinking milk, and parents also tend to introduce their kids to milk as milk is the nutritious part of a healthy diet.  Milk contains calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, etc.

But exceeding the limit per a specific unit of time could be harmful. This is why knowing the exact limit for a particular aged child is unavoidable and one of the preventive measurements.

In dietary this guide, we will let you know how smart you should be to properly feed milk to your toddler so that they may not take it beyond the limit.

There are specific criteria that one may consider while letting a kid drink milk, like the age and source of milk and times at which it should be intake by the toddler.

So, being a parent having enough knowledge is vital to deal with your child smartly. So, let us understand in detail the benefits of milk and the suggested amount by the American Agency of pediatrics or (AAP).

The amount of milk for kids ages between 1-3

The amount of milk your toddler needs may vary; it is unlike among different ages. For instance, according to the American Agency of Pediatrics, kids ages 12 months to 24 should consume two to three cups of 16-24 ounces. And those whose age is between 2-5 years can have 2 to 2.5 cups or 16-20 ounces.

Benefits of drinking the proper amount of milk

As mentioned earlier, milk is a rich source of nutrients if adopted according to AAP standards. Let me list out how the milk can benefit a toddler if he/she drinks it acceptably.

  • According to famous dietitians, milk is recommended for two and under two-year-old kids, as milk can help their fast growth of bones and muscular energy. (fat, protein, and calcium).
  • Drinking a considerable amount of milk boils down to the nutrients it contains and helps in your kid’s overall development.

Age to transition a kid to a formula or cow milk

Milk is the first source of diet for a baby from the very beginning; however, transitioning a kid from breast towards a regular cow or formula milk is crucial. The dietary experts recommend that parents transition their kids from breast to formula milk once they are 12 months.

Similarly, the Human Health Services (HHS) and AAP also suggest the transition age be one year. Although, breastfeeding is not strictly prohibited for kids above one. Some toddlers are consuming breast milk until later.

Exceeding the limit could cause risks

Exceeding or drinking the milk for an extended period could cause the following health risks.


As milk does not contain fiber, which is why drinking too much of it could cause your child to experience constipation.


Milk has a tiny amount of iron; kids who drink excessive amounts might face anemia, an iron deficiency in toddlers.

Affect eating habits

Taking too much milk is the extra intake of calories that ultimately causes your child not to eat other nutritional foods.


Milk is a natural and one of the richest sources of nutrients for kids; however, consumption of milk in excessive amounts may have an adverse effect. This is why analyzing the exact quantity as per age is very important.

Above the article, I have just elaborated the age and the suggested amount by different food agencies. That is, for instance, two to three cups 1-2 years kid and 2 to 2.5 cups for kids ages 2-5 years.

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