How To Get Toddler To Brush Teeth

How To Get Toddler To Brush Teeth
How To Get Toddler To Brush Teeth

Brushing teeth is one of the essential parts for your toddler to adopt as their hygiene routine.

Although most often, toddlers don’t happily embrace the habit of brushing teeth with fluoride, we as parents have to build the practice in kids in some innovative ways.

Holding down a child and forcing them for a toothbrush may not work. Rather it misleads a child. Instead, we have to introduce them to brushing teeth in more fun ways so that they can use it as their game activity instead of as a chore.

Toddlers don’t understand the importance of cleaning their teeth, even if we emphasize it by telling them stories about cavities. No matter how kids resist checking up on their teeth, we don’t have to give up checking and brushing their teeth.

Here we are with some of the practical tips that, if you adequately capture, will make your way to get your toddler used to brushing teeth. Let’s explore some of the schemes or ways on how to get toddler to brush teeth to make toddlers add brushing teeth to their daily schedule.

Adopt model actions or behaviors

Toddlers don’t often do what they are asked to do. Instead, they express their actions based on what they see.

Brushing your teeth in front of your toddler would work, and they will soon find out its importance and get used to it. Being a model is very important for your kid in every aspect of their life. The saying “actions speak louder than words” also applies here in the case of brushing teeth.

Help them in brushing

The independence of kids is necessary to do things on their own. However, helping them at the initial stage of activity is also unavoidable. In the case of cleaning teeth, the kids only want to do it for a few seconds and run away.

Even though brushing teeth is a short-span activity, you still have to teach them how to brush their teeth in exciting ways like playing music.

Choosing a special brush

Purchasing an attractive and pleasant brush can help your toddlers to make a habit of cleaning teeth. As kids are always pro playing and fun, try to bring a kid-friendly meeting like the cartoon shaped or any other colorful ones.

Some of the options for “How to get toddler to brush teeth”:

  • Pick a brush that has light effects
  • You can also pick an electric brush that quicker the job
  • The market is also filled with cartoon or movies character brushes

The list is unending. However, choosing any of the ways would be fruitful and worthy.

Rewarding the kids

Adding incentive is like a stimulus to your kids’ activities. Purchase them presents when they clean their teeth until they ultimately put the habit of brushing. They get more interest next time after when we motivate them with their first attempt.

Add it as their daily routine

Kids need nothing but a mentor to remind them of their responsibilities. Being a parent, you have to consistently brush their teeth either in the morning, at bedtime, or even twice a day.


Brushing teeth is a vital part of the personal hygiene process that must be adopted at the initial stage of an individual’s life. However, as far as toddlers are concerned, they don’t realize the importance of this process independently. Instead, we have to help them build the strategy.

Parents are responsible for letting them know how important personal hygiene is, and part of it is brushing the teeth. Although kids don’t like such activities but trying to practice the above tricks would be generative.

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