Top 10 Best Toddler Cup for Bedtime Milk


Are you looking for a toddler cup of milk at bedtime? Then you are on the right. I wrote after extensive examinations of a cup of milk for a child to solve the mother’s problem. If you have sippy cups for kids, and looking for the best cup of milk, so your kids can drink milk without leaking.

But the biggest problem mothers face at the time of choosing cups that they have a cup of low-quality, which harms the health of children. These cups are made from hazardous chemicals that are not approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. But don’t worry, we have selected some of the best toddler cup of milk at bedtime for your child. All of these cups are free from BPA and BPS material and also healthy for children.

Some cups are so expensive that it looks like they should be made of glass and not plastic or silicone. And you’ve heard horror stories from other moms about the leaks and dangerous substances used. Why can’t anything be easy about parenting?

Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. This guide will take you to the best toddler cup of milk at the bedtime of your dreams and will wait a long time for your success.

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1. Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup

Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup with Soft Spout and Spill-Proof Design, Blue/Green, 9oz, 2pk Check Price on Amazon

With the Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup, children can drink milk easily. The dropper has a non-slip design that is easy to hold and the soft silicone mouthpiece is soft on the gums and teeth. These two cups feature a simple 9-ounce glass made of BPA free colored material in a fun pink and pink color scheme. This My Easy Sippy Cup was created for children 9 months and up.

This cup ideal for toddlers, made up of only a few parts to make this easy to assemble and clean. The product made in the US and highly recommended for US customers.


  • Spill proof
  • Made in USA
  • Free from any dangerous chemicals
  • Easy to grip
  • Easy to clean dishwasher safe
  • Soft spout for easy drinking


  • Plastic material
  • Its a bit bulky but ready to hold for little one

2. Re-Play No-Spill Sippy Cups for Toddler

Re-Play Made in The USA 4pk No Spill Sippy Cups for Baby, Toddler, and Child Feeding - Sky Blue, Aqua, Navy, Teal (True Blue+) Check Price on Amazon

This Re-Play Color Spill-Free Recycled Mugs are the perfect mug for kids on the go! All Re-Play No-Spill mugs are made of durable FDA-approved recycled HDPE plastic. Not only they are better for your baby, but they are also better for your environment! Pack of four and pack of 9 available for toddlers. All of these cups are free from dangerous material and healthier for your children. Easy to clean and safe by the dishwasher.

It comes with an easy-to-clean one-piece silicone valve that keeps your little one milk or juice leak-free. This product made in the USA.


  • BPA and PVC free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • FDA approved Recycled Milk Jugs
  • No-spill cups
  • USA product
  • Cute colors


  • The entire cup made from plastic materials

3. NUK Disney Large Learner Sippy Cup for Toddler

NUK Disney Large Learner Sippy Cup, Mickey Mouse, 10 Oz 1-Pack Check Price on Amazon

It’s easy to switch from bottle to cup with the easy-to-hold NUK Big Student Cup. With Mickey and Minnie, your baby’s favorite Disney friend. The big nail is made of 100 silicone and is soft on your baby’s gums. The 100% spill-proof mug has removable handles that allow the child to easily hold and load the mug independently.

It’s fine to wash in the dishwasher, thanks to its super cute color make this lovely for toddler and perfect for bedtime milk. Also, the seller allows four different colors for mom to choose from.


  • Leak proof
  • Bedtime milk cup
  • Anti slip handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Super cute color
  • High rating


  • Its not safe for microwave
  • The flow of the cup is slow

4. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Toddler Sippy Bottle

Pura Kiki 9 oz / 260 ml Stainless Steel Insulated Anti-Colic Infant Bottle with Silicone Medium-Flow Nipple & Sleeve, Aqua (Plastic Free, NonToxic Certified, BPA Free) Check Price on Amazon

The Pura team has taken on the challenge of creating the first (and only) 100% vacuum-insulated plastic sorbet bottle for children on the market and the only certified non-toxic glass on the planet. Award-Winning 9 oz. Kiki insulated bottle, 100% plastic-free, environmentally friendly, and adaptable to your growing child’s needs. The bottle and necklace are made of high quality safe stainless steel, and the Sipper mouthpiece is made of medical silicone.

With Pura, you can be sure that you will get the safest bottle on the market (without BPA / BPS and non-toxic). Six different colors to choose from, perfect to keep liquid warm or cold for hours.


  • Plastic free cup or bottle
  • Insulated to keep milk warm for hours
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free from dangerous materials
  • Multiple colors


  • Its too much expensive
  • Not rated product in the market
  • 10 percent negative reviews

5. Tommee Tippee Non-Spill Toddler

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Feeding Bottles, Anti-Colic, Slow Flow, BPA-Free - 9 Ounces, Multi-colored, 6 Pack (522597) Check Price on Amazon

At 12 months, your toddler will be much more active. This 9 oz food cup is ideal for this phase, designed to keep kids busy and hydrated throughout the day! An insulated core keeps drinks cold so they stay hydrated. With a soft, smooth mouth with small teeth and gums, a light grip on the sides, and a two-way drain valve make this ideal for drinking on the go.

As with most Tommee Tippee headphones, parts such as covers and bases are interchangeable, although the handles are not compatible with the insulated mug. The drink is easy to clean, both in warm soapy water and on the top shelf of the dishwasher.


  • Encourage the toddler to drink more
  • easy to clean valve
  • Soft and gentle spout
  • Easy to assemble
  • BPA free safe for toddlers
  • Spill-proof


  • 2 piece valve

6. Philips AVENT Toddler Cup for Bedtime Milk

Philips AVENT My Grippy Spout Cup, 10 Oz, 2 Pack, Blue/Green, SCF801/21 Check Price on Amazon

This Philips First Avent Mobile Trainer Philips Avent makes it easy for your child to change bottles. This mug is ideal for children older than 4 months. It is equipped with a medium flow nozzle and smooth drainage, allowing you to move flexibly from one bottle to another. The design encourages the child to gradually get used to the glass while ensuring bottle awareness and the comfort of a soft nose.

The trainer handles allow small hands to easily hold the cup to encourage alcohol consumption. They are removable so you can add them when your child is ready. This My First Transition Cup is made from BPA-free materials and has a hygienic protective cap to keep bottles and contents clean.


  • Ideal for toddlers and babies
  • Removable trainer handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free plastic
  • Soft silicon spout


  • 7 percent negative rating
  • Maybe available in the market

7. Munchkin Toddler Sippy Cups for Milk

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, Blue/Green, 10oz, 2pk Check Price on Amazon

Miracles happen. Drink on the edge naturally at 360 degrees without worrying about spills. The lid closes automatically after drinking, ideal for a baby anywhere. Let’s face it: babies are a bunch of dirty ones, especially the first time you surf your Sippy’s forehead. Imagine a world that is not drunk now: not in a diaper bag, not in furniture, not even trying to teach a child.

Miracles happen. Drink on the edge naturally at 360 degrees without worrying about spills. The lid closes automatically after drinking, ideal for a baby anywhere. Let’s face it: babies are a bunch of dirty ones, especially the first time you surf your Sippy’s forehead. Imagine a world that is not drunk now: not in a diaper bag, not in furniture, not even trying to teach a child.


  • Super cute sippy cup
  • Leakproof
  • Removable ergonomic handles
  • Recommended for dental health
  • Soft silicone spout
  • Perfect sippy cup for travel
  • BPA free cup


  • This cup has a six part which is too much

8. Toddler and Baby Bottle with Silicone Handle

Dr. Brown's Options Wide-Neck Sippy Spout Baby Bottle with Silicone Handle, Blue, 9 Ounce Check Price on Amazon

A Brown’s Milestones bottle is ideal for transferring a baby from the bottle to the first glass. Bottle of Dr. Brown Sippy Spout has a 100% silicone grip and soft silicone drain for easy and easy swallowing. The standard pipette button and silicone bottle handles are suitable for Dr. vials. 4 oz Brown.

120 ml and 850 ml. Sippy’s wide drain and silicone glass handles are available in 5 oz glass options. / 120 ml and 9 oz. Dishwasher and sterilizer, BPA free. For children over 6 months.


  • Pink 9 ounce sippy cup
  • The perfect cup for the toddler bedtime milk
  • Easy to fill with a wide opening
  • Easy to hold handles
  • Free from phthalates materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Leakproof sippy cup


  • Its bigger than other may be make this too heavy

9. NUK Learner Cup for Toddler milk

NUK Learner Cup, 10 Oz, Hearts Check Price on Amazon

The NUK Learner cup makes it easier for the baby to move from the breast or bottle to the drinking cup. This student cup has a soft, moisture-resistant spray that is gentle on the teeth and gums and also has a vent that helps reduce air intake. The mug also has comfortable removable handles that your growing baby will love. NUK students’ cups are BPA-free, safe for the dishwasher, and are recommended for children over 6m.

NUK learner is available in seven different colors, popular in the market with hugely positive reviews. It’s an amazing cup for toddler bedtime milk.


  • Multiple packs
  • Leakproof
  • Anti slip handle easy to grip
  • Super cute balloon prints
  • Flexible soft spout
  • Perfect for little one gums
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free


  • The slots are so tiny¬†
  • Maybe you select the best one
  • 4 percent negative rating

10. MAM Starter Cup for Toddler Bedtime Milk

MAM Starter Cup (1 Count), MAM Sippy Cup, Drinking Cup with Extra-Soft Spill-Free Spout and Non-Slip Handles, for Boys 4+ Months, Five Ounces, Blue Check Price on Amazon

Designed as the last step for drinking from a regular cup. MAM fun drinking cups for babies include a hard tap and a sealed valve. The detachable faucet on these small baby cups offers a free or useless flow option to meet the individual needs of the baby’s drink. The ergonomic shape and non-slip surface allow small handles to create this cup yourself.

This MAM Sippy anti-theft cups for small children provide a clean tank and protection against dust and dirt. MAM training cups can be changed using the outlet tips or with free-flow through our valve concept. All MAM bottles and glasses are BPA and BPS free and are made of 100% safe baby materials.


  • Spill free extra soft spout
  • Design ready to fit toddlers little hands
  • Include a dust cap make this spill proof
  • Non slip handles
  • Easy to clean


  • The entire cup made from hard plastic
  • Its nipple short

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