10 Best Step Stool for Toddler Potty Training (Cheap To High-End)

10 Best Step Stool for Toddler Potty Training
10 Best Step Stool for Toddler Potty Training

Has your child already started to learn how to use the bathroom for the potty or help him in the kitchen? In addition to counters, sinks, and toilet seats less than usual, you need help getting there. We have checked out the best Step stool for a toddler to help them for potty training and kitchen.

It is an undervalued topic, which I did not think of until my friends say how practical Step stool is for a toddler in potty training and the kitchen. Potty training child loves them and helps him. But they also need freedom in the toilet seat for the proper potty training.

With the suitable step stool, you will get the sturdy design ready for 150 lbs. and up. Also, they come with nonslip feet and a rubber pad on the surface to make these safe for toddlers. Keeping these feathers in mind, we have researched and picked some of the best step tools for a toddler, perfect for bathroom (potty training) and kitchen.

Quick Answer: Best Step Stool for Toddler Potty Training

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1. Bumbo Step Stool for Toddler

We introduce a new bamboo step stool for your little one. It is a nonslip step suitable for young children. The bottom of the bamboo stool is securely fixed with rubber feet to prevent it from floating in a standing position.

This small step contains excellent features that encourage children to use the product. Encourage your child to be free while washing the bathroom and hands. But most of them are toilet training for young children.

The height is too high for children to reach height enough to go to the bathroom or go to the bathroom. This is an advantageous and essential issue.


  • Does not slip
  • It is fixed, so entirely secure
  • Perfect height


  • No disclaimer

2. Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up

Depending on the height and the opening of the bathroom, this chair can be easily placed above the toilet seat or the edge of the toilet to ensure maximum stability. Easy to assemble without any tools. Thanks to their anti-slip handle. The opening is 7 inches from front to back and 5.65 inches from side to side.

Suitable for bathrooms from 16 to 18.5 “height from floor to chair, Sturdy design also suitable for standard and upper toilet seat. Nonslip floors. The seat measures 13.5 inches from front to back and 11.75 inches from side to side.


  • Easy to clean
  • It can easily be placed anywhere
  • Perfect for nonslip floors


  • Sometimes it is unstable

3. OXO Tot Step Stool For Toddler Potty Training

This easy-to-clean pan pad helps everyone to cook quickly. The seamless design is comfortable and leaves no residue in the small pajamas, and the high back supports the chest and helps to correctly position the pot.

The nonslip base allows the pot to be used and the flat surface and side handle to clean the inside. The back is comfortable to wear. They are highly recommended for toddler potty training.

Sturdy design and ready to hold more than 200 lbs weight. Thanks to its versatile feathers makes this perfect for bathroom, kitchen, and room. It is lightweight and easy to grip for carrying. Popular in the market with 90 percent-plus positive reviews.


  • Quite easy to clean
  • Contains nonslip base
  • Have sturdy design
  • Light in weight


  • Little expensive

4. Potty Training Seat for Toddler

Safe and reliable : 2 adjustable handles and four nonslip belts help the child to sit in the potty during a safe workout. The handle is safer; the double nonslip design boosts the child’s confidence and eliminates the fear of falling in the bathroom.

Material not containing bisphenol A – This training seat with pot does not contain harmful substances, thickness, high quality and environmental protection, integrated PP material, very elastic sponge, protects the baby’s skin, soft and comfortable.

It’s easy to install – just adjust the two handles, install them on the toilet seat, and then fix them with a nut.


  • Very safe and reliable
  • Has nonslip design
  • High-Quality materials


  • Difficult to assemble

5. Potty Training Stool for Bathroom

My actual potty is the perfect solution for educational needs in the bathroom for the little ones. Exercise is perfect when it comes to training in the bathroom (believe it, we were there), so what is the best way to make these toilets realistic as an adult version?

Every child is different, but when it is time to start your child on a trivial training trip, you can be sure that it will be much easier and faster with these portable toilets next to you!

This step stool is made from durable and high-quality plastic from dangerous chemicals. There corner feathers rubber grips to maintain traction on the tile floor. Its lightweight and dual design make this ready for all ages toddler.


  • Easy to train with
  • Durable and easy to use
  • It is made up of high quality


  • Sturdy but short

6. Disney Minnie Mouse Step Stool for Toddler Potty Training

Give kids the support they need with the Disney Minnie Mouse step and the Glow Purple staircase. The upper structure provides static and nonslip support for small objects. The top button activates the light. Nonslip feet in rubber, plastic, heat prevent the stool from sliding on the floor.

The success of potty will increase with usability when they reach the potty, sink, or another task during the daily bathroom routine. The non-sliding chairs have batteries to use as soon as they come outside the box. The wavy edges make it easy to assemble the Disney Minnie Mouse staircase and staircase, purple.


  • Provide static and nonslip support
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Size is small for some babies

7. Foldable Step Stool for Potty Training

Safe and sturdy: Foldable Step Stool for potty training on leather is safe to use with a slip-resistant design. This makes it easy for your child to move from nappy to the bathroom.

This prevents you from sliding to the bottom of the seat due to the pressure on all parts, and your children can use the toilet independently without worrying. Also, gardening is produced from toxic, odorless PP material that is safe for children.

Unique design: The modified toilet seat has many advantages. Design with modified leather for different heights. They are designed to protect the spine and designed to prevent urination.

Design with soft, removable pads for comfortable and clean use, Group design. Rotary design to adjust the different toilets.


  • Safe and secure
  • Easily foldable
  • Designed with modified leather


  • Not as durable as promised

8. Step Stool For Toddler and Kids Potty Training

Unique handle around holding nonslip material on the handle surface. Try to make this chair safer for small children. Permanent and light visit: Children grow faster than their parent’s support but with a two-level chair. They can be adjusted to slightly different ages and heights.

Measured and measured 10.2 ” x 12.6 ” long and 14.1 ” wide, it is easy to move and weighs up to 300 pounds. Easy to use, fast and customizable. Preparing ceramic and toothbrushes can be difficult when they are small, and the balance is not fully developed.

Your child’s sink, bathroom, chairs, kitchen, or children are ideal for your room. It is easy to use. It is very light so you can bring your baby alone.


  • Completely nonslip
  • Ideal for your room
  • Easy to clean and Very light in weight


  • Not so decent

9. BABYBJORN Step Stool – White

BabyBjorn Safe Step offers comfort and safety for children and parents, thanks to two nonslip surfaces. There are robust and secure rubber feet on the stool’s bottom, making sure that the stool is not smooth on the floor while someone is standing here.

The top of the stool has a non-soft rubber surface that provides traction to keep children safe and secure. Made of durable and recyclable plastic and without PVC and BPA, this hard step stops long-term use.

This firm step stool includes versatile feathers, perfect for the toilet seat, sink, and kitchen—nine different colors to choose from.


  • Keeps your child safe and secure
  • Is long term investment
  • Perfect for toilet seats
  • Easy to maintain


  • Little expensive

10. Step Stool for Toddlers and Babies

Safe/durable: the iLove two-stage stool uses thick nonslip rubber feet to control the floor; unlike other seats that use soft plastic foot inserts (see Image Comparison), our soft gray rubber surface provides added safety, comfort and reliable basis for your child. This is a set of 2 chairs.

Ideal for the development of children. Our double design allows children to gain independence – from learning to the pot, washing hands and brushing toothpaste to the sink and cabinets for sitting at home and in the kitchen. The chair legs provide the best results on clean, dry, oil-free floors.


  • Safe and Durable
  • Provides safety


  • The top platform was a little bigger

Buying Guide for Best Toddler Step Tools 

Step tools are essential to have in your home for toddlers as soon as they try to become self-sufficient while going to the bathroom or kitchen.

In either case, the step will give a helping hand for your toddler to reach out to heights. But before shopping blindly, you have to go for the one made from durable material and safety features. Here we help you decide the best step tool for your toddler so you may not regret your decision later.

The features you should observe while buying the step tool are;

Safety features

Safety is one of the crucial features to look for while purchasing a step tool for your toddler, as we know how restless and on edge the toddlers could be! Luckily, most step tools appear with the ever-best safety features.

Non-slip surface

We should keenly observe the tool’s surface as this is where your toddler first keeps their feet. The safe and non-skid surface will protect your toddler from slide down. It should be craggy enough to prevent your kid from a life-threatening condition.

Non-skid feet

The toddlers jiggle a lot when their feet are in contact with something skiddy. The stool’s feet should be uneven so that your kid is safe from crashing to the floor. The rough feet of the chair will prevent it from coasting when the baby ascends it.

Height of the stool

It would be best to be mindful of the height of the stool you are going to purchase; this most often depends on how high your toddler tries to reach. There are one-step as well as multi-step tools available in the market.

In my view, one step stool is adequate for toddlers to use in the bathroom. However, if they are interested in kitchen activities like making a sandwich, you may need to bring home a two-steps stool to reach extra heights.


Some stools could be acclimatized according to your toddlers’ height. This means you don’t have to purchase separately for your different-aged kids. Make your investment in such products that are adjustable for a variety of sizes and ages.


The weight of the stool can also be a factor to look upon. Please choose an item that is light enough so that your toddler can quickly move it around when needed.

Other angles by which you can decide a stool as best are:

  • Portability
  • Design
  • Smooth edges
  • Quality material etc

All in all, make your investment in the right place in terms of money and worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate for toddlers to use step tools?

The kids can use step tools as soon as they reach the age of 10-12 months. They are not prohibited early; they can use step stools if they are steady with their feet. Learning how to ascend is essential at this stage.

How tall should a step stool be?

It depends on the purpose for which your toddler uses it. If you are only concern with the potty training of your baby, then adopt the one which is just above 5 inches. However, it does not seem that tall but is suitable for toilet training.

How to properly use a step stool?

Although introducing a step tool is vital for your toddler toilet training; however, it could be life-harming if not used properly. So, follow some instructions and guidance while allowing your toddler to use a step stool.

  • Never place a step stool on the slippery or icy surface.
  • Do not place a step stool on top of another object that may slip away from each other.
  • For additional heights, use a multi-step stool.
  • Use a lightweight step stool so that your kid can quickly move and place it.
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